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Monday, February 25, 2013

Full Moon in Virgo: Creating the Plan

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 Have you been feeling a little dramatic lately?  A little intense in your emotions?  There is relief in sight.  It's found under tonight's Full Moon in Virgo. So much power builds in the lead up to the full moon. If you can, at some level, feel that power building but don't quite have a sense as to what it's building for, you can be left feeling a bit "out of sorts" or "out of whack", maybe even, downright wacky! To me, it  feels like "restless anticipation", an energy without an outlet or a clear outcome. Once we hit the peak of the full moon, that building power comes to it's maturity and feels a little more settled.

If you're the type of person that likes to have a new project, or is a bit of a planner by nature, today's full moon might feel particularly intense. It's a Full Moon in Virgo according to my We'Moon 2013 calender- an excellent source for all things "moon like".

I've written about the Full Moon in Virgo before  Last year it was even more dramatic as it was combined with solar flares and some mercury retrograde stuff as well.  But, by it's very nature, the Full Moon in Virgo is intense. This is not gentle energy or a soft encouragement type of sensation. This is real "get a movin", push towards the goal, type energy under the light of this moon. During the Full Moon phase, we're at that peak.

You can use this power to really get things done.  It's a great time to cleanse, organize, de-clutter, or problem solve. Those born under a Virgo moon, according to We'Moon, are here to learn, diagnose and heal.  That's the type of energy out there. That's all very positive if you have a plan, have a goal, know where you're headed. Hmm...

But what if you feel like that little guy in today's picture, but you just don't "get" what the big guy is saying?  You don't understand the plan. The goals are a bit fuzzy. You're all ready with your de-cluttered desk, you brand new school supplies and your newly sharpened crayons but you 're missing the instructions of what to create? Ahh..  "out of sorts" and "restless anticipation" me thinks...

The challenge for those born under a Virgo moon, and for all of us when this energy is "afloat", is to find the balance between work and play; plans and creative thought. It can be a struggle to let go of what every else thinks you should do/could do and find what gives you joy.  Perhaps it's time to reconsider today's picture and instead of thinking of yourself as the little guy trying to figure out what the big guy is saying, maybe it's time to consider what the little guy, your inner child, wants to tell the grown up you. If you want to get "un-stuck" in your thinking, perhaps the best place to go is within.  From that place of inner knowing and child-like abandon, truly great ideas for creation can be found.

In Lucy Harmer's Shamanic Astrology,  the animal represented by this time in the Northern Hemisphere is the Wolf. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the Brown Bear that corresponds to this time of year. Both of these animals spirits are challenged to go beyond the material and find balance between material, physical, emotional and spiritual. They need to go beyond hard-working, focused planning, to reach inner knowing. Once they follow their intuition and creativity they will have enormous strength and endurance to carry through with the plan.

So perhaps it's about merging that "big guy" and "little guy" into one and the same.  But I think we often tend to listen to the "big guy" first and "pencil in" time to play with our inner selves, our joy and our creativity.  I believe with the power of a "get at it" moon, there may be a danger you'll never get to the "play" part of your plan. It would seem, the lesson is, to go there first.  Perhaps all our plans should be drawn with crayons.

I was searching for a cartoon picture of blueprints when I found today's picture. It just so happens this picture was on the website created by a Colorado State University Project.  It's worth a look.  This team was developed to create a gluten-free beer brewing process. That strikes me as the ultimate balance been work and play, creativity and planning, material and spiritual flow. If you're a university student and you need to create a project you can really get excited about, it would seem beer brewing in a new way, to hit a growing market, would exactly do the trick!  I applaud their efforts.  Most of all, I applaud what I see as "the big guy and the little guy" working together to create something bigger and more fun that the sum of the parts.

Cheers and Happy Brewing!

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  1. Thanks for the full moon in Virgo commentary. I was born with Moon in Virgo and I feel great today! I think I'm finally getting it! Been going like a whirlwind, getting stuff done. Yay. I agree, we have to find the joy. All work and no play maketh Virgo Moon crabby.