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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cherry Plum when Control is a World View

Yesterday I started a series on Bach Flower remedies that match with a certain way of perceiving the world and events around us. If you tend to consider events as either within  or outside of your control, have "control issues", or often feel "out of control"; Cherry Plum may be a match for you.

Like all the remedies, Cherry Plum can be a state, or a passing mood.  Just because it resonates with you at one time doesn't mean you are a "Cherry Plum type" or that you see the world from the lens of Cherry Plum. On the other hand, this might strike a cord.

Dr Bach suffered through all the negative aspects of each of the Bach Flowers as his method of developing the series. Prior to his discovery of Cherry Plum, he had been suffering from an intense sinus headache. The pain of this headache was causing him to fear he might loose control and do something impulsive even though he knew such impulsive action was wrong. He doesn't explain whether this impulse might be suicide, homicide, cruelty, or something else, but that is the magnitude of impulse Cherry Plum addresses.  Personally, sinus headaches  have made me consider the use of a Black and Decker drill to create a hole in my forehead to relieve the pressure, so I think I can identify. I know that it will cause pain of a different kind, but sometimes it's difficult to maintain that sense of reason. It's the fear of separation from reason and impulse that Cherry Plum resonates with.

Dr. Bach prepared Cherry Plum using the boiling method.  That identifies the strength of the transformation that is sought from this essence. This essence is about intense feelings. It is included in Rescue Remedy to help relieve that type of impulsive action that can be brought about when your whole world is "out of control".

I've written about Cherry Plum before. I think it's particularly important as we evolve.  All the Bach Flowers have both negative and positive aspects, and relief comes when you find the balance in the middle. There are a whole range of possibilities in the sliding scale of these emotions.

I think the need to control and the fear of loosing control is a pretty common world view. I also believe that as our world shifts, old patterns change, and new ways of looking at problem solving or seeing our connections in a new light emerge, this view may become more pervasive. People all over the world are both challenging control and fearing the loss of control- sometimes at the same time.

When you view the world from the lens of Cherry Plum, you seek to maintain tight control over your part of the world, the events in your life, and your personal bubble. The Cherry Plum person might be considered a "control freak", if the loss of that control creates anxiety and fear.  There is a rigidity to this point of view. But this isn't the type of rigid structure that a Rock Water person maintains.  Rock Water types maintain strick guidelines because they believe that's the right way, the only way, to do something.  Cherry Plum types cling to structures and beliefs because they are afraid if they go, they will be overtaken by impulse and loose all sense of reason. It's fear that drives the Cherry Plum need to control. Fear of "the dark side", the unknown, the other world.

The Cherry Plum world view feels the pressure of a non-physical influence. They watch events unfold and believe a break down of normal boundaries will bring uncertainty to our lives. Like Clematis, Cherry Plum identifies with an "out of this world" presence and doesn't always adapt well to the material world. Clematis types don't  fight this presence. In fact they are drawn to just let go and float up to the ethers.  If you adopt the Cherry Plum view, you are more likely to try to maintain a connection with the material world because you both see, and fear, the disconnection. Cherry Plum types try to find the tie-in  between reason and impulse. They analyze and attempt to understand events as a combination of the two, because that's where they believe the control can be found.  In this Cherry Plum view, understanding is power and control.

But maybe we need to go to that uncomfortable place in order to find the change we sense. Perhaps it is in the loss of control and in the area of impulse that we find good as well as bad, enlightenment as well as fear. Dr. Bach created Cherry Plum through the boiling method to be a transformative, intense, powerful essence.

In the 1930's, Dr Bach in Ye Suffer From Yourselves wrote that:
"The action of these remedies is to raise our vibrations and open up our channels for the reception of our Spiritual Self, to flood our natures with the particular virtue we need.... They cure, not by attacking disease but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature, in the presence of which disease melts as snow in the sunshine."
Hmm....seems like the world could use a dose of that.

The Cherry Plum tree is a study in contrasts.  The twigs of the tree are dark, almost black, yet the blossoms are whitish pink, fragile, delicate, light and  beautiful.  Cherry Plum isn't consistent in the fruit that it provides.  Sometimes the cherries are yellow, sometimes orange, sometimes red, without rhyme or reason- impulsive, and yet, delicious in all it's forms. The Cherry Plum tree belongs in a class of it's own.  Botanists argue about whether or not it should even be classed as a tree.  It doesn't quite fit in the mold.

Taking Cherry Plum can help you find the courage to face events in your life without fear. The essence won't change your circumstances or prevent you from seeing events from your unique perspective, but it will help you to react calmly and without fear. It may help you let go of control gently so you can experience the light within and find a new world that is amazing rather than fearful. Cherry Plum may give you the mental strength and confidence to adapt to a changing world balanced in the middle between reason and impulse.

Here's to shifts without fear.

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