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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bach Flower Beech for Irritability

With the colder weather of fall, the leaves in my part of the world are starting to flash their brilliant colors. One of the trees that often turns a distinctive coppery color is Beech. I've mentioned Beech as a Bach Flower essence in the last few blog postings, but it really deserves a post of it's own.

Beech essence was discovered by Dr. Bach as one of the the last set of remedies.  It isn't considered a soul type, but is more of a passing emotion, a temporary state of being. But powerful nevertheless.

Beech is grouped within the category of "Over concern for the Welfare of Others", but at first glance that seems like a strange fit. When in a Beech state, you are irritated by others rather than seemingly concerned for their well-being. This essence is recommended when mannerisms and actions of others are rubbing you the wrong way.  If you feel bugged, hypersensitive to, and just plain "ticked", by the people around you- Beech is the essence for you.

The Beech state is one of intolerance of others. It is indicated when you feel critical towards others. Your judgements of others is harsh when in this state and you find it hard to see the good in others. People who can benefit from Beech appear a bit superior to others.  They seem convinced they are right all those around them are wrong. The person in a Beech state is very good at finding fault with everyone and everything in the world around them. Beech people aren't exactly dominant when in this state. At least not like a Vine or Impatiens dominance, but they seem to suppress the freedom of other people's self-expression. Their criticism is so harsh and constant that others are likely to withdraw.

As described in Bach Flower Remedies, Form & Function, by Julian Barnard,  Dr. Bach went really deep into what people were really feeling when they displayed outward traits. He believed the Beech state was an outward expression of an inner feeling of discontent. When you don't feel you are getting what you want or deserve, you express it by criticizing everyone and everybody to show how wrong the world is. In an effort to straighten up the discontent, when a Beech state, people seek exactness, order and discipline. There is a very narrow standard of perfection when in this state and people can become very fussy, with real attention to cleanliness and detail.  Once again, this is not the constant "type" state of order that might be characterised by a Rock Water, but a rather sudden swing. Things, people, mannerisms, actions and noises that you might not have even noticed or been distracted by a few days ago, suddenly seem intolerable.

In the Beech state, you turn your inner feeling of inadequacy, restlessness, or discontent into what appears to be an "over concern for others". Instead of criticizing your self you turn that criticism towards others in a bit of a mirror approach. Much of what bothers us in others is because we see it as a reflection of self, and this is particularly true in the Beech state.

When you act "Beechy", you are likely to drive others away.  In fact, it appears to them as though you would prefer to be alone because they seem to be driving you nuts anyway. When in a Beech state, you may even seek this isolation. This isn't the same urge to be alone of a Water Violet type. Unlike Water Violet's who most often like to be alone and are comfortable there, in a Beech state, you aren't needing to be alone as much as you need to not be with others.  There is a subtle difference. In a Beech state, once you gain your isolation, it is unlikely to give you the comfort you imagine. Quite the contrary.  Faced with no one else to place your intolerance on, you may find a sense of inner vulnerability.

The description of the Beech state sounds a bit like the emotions of  Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). In fact, Beech can be very helpful for such tumultuous states. The irritability of the Beech state can also be a match for allergies and food intolerances, particularly if the symptoms seem to come and go. If you find yourself saying that someone else's mannerisms, loud music, hobbies, or habits are "giving you a headache", Beech may be the essence to try.

As a remedy, Beech essence works by re-balancing your own sense of confidence. By restoring your inner core to a place where you feel good about yourself, you can once again see the good in others. Beech allows you to soothe those inner thoughts so that you don't see your imperfections reflected in others. Once your compassion for an unity with others is restored, you may find yourself soothed by the company others. Your over-concern for others is no longer a need to fix their imperfections, but is replaced with a genuine concern, tolerance, and an ability to appreciate their quirks and actions.

When in a Beech state, it is very helpful  (for both you and those around you!) to remember that "this too shall pass". This state is usually transient in nature. But it can be quite damaging. If you don't want to alienate people and cause damage you will have to repair once you come out of your Beech state, you might benefit from a few soothing drops of the essence.

Changing seasons, changing moods, flucuations in hormones, seasons and cycle, , and a shifting universe can all be cause for a bit of imbalance. If that imbalance is shaking up your core to the point where others are driving you nuts and irritating your last nerve- reach for a bottle of Beech.

Let's face it- once in awhile, we could all use a bit of Beech!

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  1. Thank you for your post. I just read it today and read many others as well. I always find your clarity and knowledge very soothing and satisfying.