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Monday, October 24, 2011

Animal Signs: Blue Jay

A lot of birds that were pretty prominent during the summer are leaving for warmer places it seems. The Hummingbirds that were all over the place this summer, just disappeared one day as quickly as they came. I'm not sure where the robins go, but they don't seem to be making as much of an appearance either. The Heron is still around, but he seems to be less likely to make his appearance known these days as well.  Not so with a couple of blue jays they have become "large and in charge".

These two blue jays have been dive bombing and chattering and putting on quite a show.  Perhaps they are the reason why some of the others left!  This weekend I realized they have built a nest in a tree quite close to the house.  I didn't think it was the time for nest building but then again.... what do I know about nest building! This is quite the house they built, complete with blue ribbon streamers that not only look lovely, but seem very appropriate for a couple of blue jays. They were putting the finishing touches on their house this weekend and being quite vocal about it all, so I realized perhaps I should see what the appearance of a blue jay might mean.

Blue jays (the animal not the baseball team!) symbolize royalty, energy and enthusiasm.  They suggest assertiveness, personal power and multiple abilities. They are can also be seen as encouragement to use your power properly. Hmmm...

That little tuff of feathers on the top of the blue jay's head is said to resemble a crown. The blue jay commands royal attention and doesn't shy away from anything or anyone. They are easily seen and often are very active in the daytime- no sense in hiding those glorious regal colors. They appear in a flamboyance of color and brighten up the event.  People that have the blue jay as a totem animal don't have to call attention to themselves- they already have the worlds attention when they walk into a room.  They just have to figure out how to respond to this attention appropriately.

The blue jay is a pretty talkative bird and can even sometimes mimic other creatures.  They have been known to protect their nests by mimicking hawk calls as a ploy to lure birds of prey away.  The jay is one of the boldest of birds.  They can be "in your face" with a determination that is surprising. As a totem animal they symbolize this assertive, intelligent and determined nature. The blue jay's message is about embracing life to the fullest wherever you land. They encourage you to pursue what you love and command the best for yourself. 

The blue jay is pretty resourceful and makes the best of whatever environment it finds itself in.  Apparently they prefer to make their nests in fir or oak trees, but they will happily use mailboxes, awnings, or in my case a choke cherry tree, and claim it as their own. They certainly used those old blue plastic tarp pieces and turned them into wonderfully strong support beams and flowing ribbons. Using these abilities to "made do and make the best", the blue jay calls the shots in life and in this way lives life to the fullest.

The blue jay is an "air sign"  providing a connection between spiritual powers and universal energies with the earth. With the blue jay as your totem, or in your life, you may be gifted with the ability to access great power and potential if you learn to develop your abilities to their fullest.

All these abilities and that talkative nature however, can cause the blue jay to be a bit of a bully.  Maybe blue jays, just like people, can become a bit unbalanced in their emotions and sway over to a darker side? The blue jay may appear to remind you to use your abilities for personal advancement while still allowing others to live their lives. Mr Jay- if you're listening, I do still need to walk by that tree once in awhile!!!!

Sometimes a blue jay type person might need a bit of the Bach Flower essence Vine. Vine can help when that determination swings over a bit to the domination side. Vine can temper that aggressive, assertive nature somewhat so you can see the good in others and encourage and guide without controlling.  If that sense of royalty is creating a "Queen Bee"  a dose of Vine might be indicated to help channel the power appropriately.

Interestingly, I was working on a children's book this weekend that has to do with bullying. I think I'll consider the blue jays as a sign to keep working on it, especially because, writing really is what I love and therefore, what a blue jay in that situation would keep doing!


  1. "The blue jay's message is about embracing life to the fullest wherever you land. They encourage you to pursue what you love and command the best for yourself."

    This morning I looked outside my bedroom window, and a beautiful big blue jay was staring right back at me! What a wonderful message to carry with me through what will be a very tough day. I needed to read this - thank you so much!

    1. I hope the Blue Jay helped you get through your day feeling loved and supported. The journey isn't always easy..