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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Masks

It was a wild weekend in my part of the world.  We had high winds, lots of rain and flooding. Today didn't really feel like Halloween.  I'm not sure what Halloween really feels like, but it does have a feel of some kind I think. 

But instead, at least for me, today felt like an ending of some kind.  I guess that's appropriate for the last day of October and maybe more so, for the end of a storm. I spent the better part of the morning cutting a tree that had fallen onto the fence line.  (If anyone ever needs a testimonial for electrobraid fencing- email me- the stuff is magical). It felt pretty calm and serene after all the howling winds. But it felt like the end of a season maybe.  The sun was shinning, but the temperature is much different. Any fall leaves that were hanging on have "given up the ghost" in honor of Halloween I guess.  It does feel like the end of the harvest.

Unlike other parts of the country that I have lived, in this area, people really decorate the outside of their houses for Halloween.  But after 100km hour plus winds, and driving rains, that's kind of the end of that. So to me, it was feeling as though Halloween was even done.  There had been lots of parties and celebrations over the weekend so Halloween on a Monday felt like like a non-event.

I was tired, maybe a little grumpy, and definitely distracted, when I went to do some errands.  I had totally forgot about it being Halloween.  So I was a bit "taken aback" when I saw a woman wearing something that my grandmother would have said was  "quite the get-up".  It wasn't until she was long out of my sight that I remembered it was Halloween!  Ahh.., not a "get-up"- a costume. Hmm....

Maybe that's the fun of Halloween.  We get to put on a mask and pretend we are someone we aren't, or we don't think we are, or we aren't sure if we want to be or not.  We get to try out a costume in an accepting environment.  I have come to accept that teenage girls for instance view Halloween as a chance to wear lots and lots of make-up, some pretty clingy pieces of fabric, high heels and a few other accessories that give a bit of a new meaning to "trick or treat".  I think this is part of the "trying the mask on" phase.

Some people are lucky enough to find a friend that is willing to be part of a costume duo.  That makes the trying out phase even more comfortable. It's rare to find a friend that is willing to do this.  A friend of mine in University days, one year spent valuable studying time sewing Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes.  They were darling and very much suited her personality, quite a sewing feat and a work of art.  She was sure her "out of town" boyfriend would play the role of Andy when he came for the party. Perhaps not so surprisingly, he didn't want to play "Andy".  They tried to compromise.  He suggested make-up that was a bit on the lines of KISS (the rock group if you're not from that era).  The make-up leaked on the outfits, the tears became real not drawn on, and the relationship came to a crash that weekend, never to be revived. Hmmm...

Some people wear those rubber masks that look just a little bit too real.  It's hard to tell where the rubber ends and the face begins.  They are just plain spooky- I guess that's the point.

Sometimes you're just not sure on Halloween whether a person is wearing a costume of if that's their real "get-up".  You can't ask.  It's kind of like not being sure if someone is pregnant or not.  If you don't ask or comment they might think you quite rude. On the other hand, if they aren't pregnant, or aren't wearing a costume, you're going to have a tough time fixing up that conversation.

The thing that is important is whether or not you know if you're wearing a mask.  If you're not sure about that, or you're hiding behind your mask, you might want to consider some drops of the Bach Flower essence Agrimony. We all hide behind the mask sometimes.  Agrimony can help you choose when to put it on and when you're okay to just be "out there", in your very own "get-up" for all the world to see.

If you need some help to be Raggedy Ann all on your own without an Andy, you might consider the use of Cerato, Chicory, Vervain or Vine.  Or use some Rock Water and flex a bit with the modified make-up idea.

There are lots of Bach Flower's that might be helpful around Halloween time.  I talked about Aspen last year. Aspen can still apply. But, it feels to me, that the weekend storm was enough to drive any evil lurking spirits away. I guess there are still some treats to be disbursed and collected, but I think we've moved on to another phase in the journey. And for that, I'm going to take off the mask, life my face to the sky and howl at the moon.

The End.

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