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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Full Moon in Aries, Owl Signs & Independence

Today we enter a Full Moon in Aries phase.  Pretty powerful stuff. Just when I thought the world was maybe settling into the fall and winter season by slowing down and getting ready to hibernate, I think something very different may be gearing up.

In my part of the world it would seem the owls agree with the idea of new insight and activity. They were hooting like crazy under the nearly full moon the other night and into the morning.  Not something to be ignored. Owls have a special place in my heart.  They are totem animals . I have written about Owls before but perhaps I didn't get them enough "air time". Or maybe it's the combination of the Aries full moon and the Owls that should be considered.

According to my We'Moon 2011 book, the moon in Aries is a time of awakening. It is said that the Moon in this position lights a fire under us and strips away both our complications and our patience.  This  is a good time to make a fresh start. It isn't about waiting for things to happen, it's about making them happen. It's a time to shoot from the hip, and speak up. It's a time to  initiate projects or activities. People born under an Aries Moon, are said to be passionate and  honest ,but fierce in their approach. They can be big-hearted, but they are very independent and self-directed. The challenge for this Aries type energy is to invent your life rather than just react to events.  It is about choosing where you want to be rather than reacting to what you perceive to be choices presented to you by external forces. Hmm...

If you put that type of energy together with the lessons from the Owl, the message becomes quite interesting. The Owl is considered a symbol to act on your highest wisdom. The Owl signifies a need to see clearly through the darkness.

Daniel Mapel, in Into the Heart of the Wild, reveals the Owl as an animal essence  to be recommended for those who need to listen to their inner wisdom when facing uncertainty or confusion. Mapel suggests the Owl enhances your intuition and encourages clarity of the mind so that you can see the truth at the heart of situations. The Owl may encourage you to speak with a compassionate voice that comes from your highest place or true knowing.

So before you use the energy of the Aries Moon and speak quickly and from the hip, perhaps you should focus for moment on whether or not you are speaking from your higher self and whether your words will create what you truly want, or whether they are a reaction to something that doesn't really warrant your focus.

People that have the Owl as a totem animal, are often able to face authority and speak for themselves. But they are also able to separate what is true for them, rather than what might be advice that isn't quite right for them.  As a totem animal, the Owl helps us to see clearly what lies behind external circumstances and identify what beliefs may be limiting our growth and desires.

Both the Aries Moon and the Owl speak to independence. Together, they suggest this is a time to think outside the box, away from tradition or convention in order to put into action what is best for your higher self. Perhaps it's time to let go of what we think holds us down or prevents us from moving forward as individuals. This isn't really "group energy", and it isn't about leading others to a particular truth. It's about clearly seeing what is right for you as an individual and using the forward motion of the Aries Moon to make that happen. But if we all started to move forward on our own paths, the collective motion might be amazing. And in my opinion, the world could use some new ideas for moving forward.

The ability to listen to your inner knowing can sometimes be helped with the Bach Flower essence Cerato Let's face it, in our very core, our "heart of hearts", we know what path we should be on and what is right for us. It's that "thing" that feels right and light and true. But we tend to be pack animals and we get blinded by what others tell us to do, suggest we should do, market as what we need to do, or claim we are limited by. Cerato can help you step away from the pack and make decisions for yourself from a clear and balanced position.

The Aries Moon suggests the time is now. Listen to the Owl in you and get moving. Take the first step towards whatever your goal is. I think if we start really working with the energy of nature we could make our lives so much easier.  In dense energy times we wouldn't bash our heads against the wall, and in high energy, lots of momentum times, like the Aries Moon, we could expend  less energy and get great results.

The moon is on your side. The Owl is looking over your shoulder. You don't need anyone else but yourself. There is nothing to hold you back.  Enjoy the journey!

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