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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Animal Signs: Loon

All of a sudden it seems there is quite a night time symphony going on in my part of the world.  The Peepers seem back for the season, there are birds everywhere, and in the past few days a loon has joined in. The first night I heard him I thought that was kind of strange. Maybe I had just dreamed it. Loons are more a fresh water lake species than an ocean bird.  But yesterday I found him happily floating along on the waves by the shore seemingly quite content and not a bit lost.

It just so happens this Loon is far from lost. He's a "new-age, radically- thinking" Loon. A quick fact check reveals that loons are a species that has shown an incredible ability to adapt. They have developed large nasal glands and specialized kidneys that allow them to ingest seawater and eliminate the excess salt for a net water gain.  With the threat of salt water intrusion along the coast due to Climate Change, these guys are way ahead of their time. In fact, this ability to filter sea water is being studied for it's application to structures that could allow the desalination of water for human use. Who knows, in a few years you might need a flock of these guys hanging out around your well! 

The Loon is also considered a Spirit or Totem Animal.  On it is reported "The haunting call of the Loon tells you that the hopes, dreams and wishes you have tucked away will come to the surface." It is suggested when a Loon shows up you should pay attention to your dreams and awaken your imagination.

In, Animal Spirit Guides, Steven Farmer recommends you pay attention to you dreams, especially those that stay with you through the day. Farmer suggests the appearance of the Loon may indicate these dreams have powerful messages and teachings for you. The Loon Spirit is seen as a bit of an astral traveller helping you connect between layers of consciousness.

The dream focus of the Loon seems to resonate with the Bach Flower essence Clematis. Bach Practitioners commonly recommend this essence for people that are day-dreamy and unfocused.  It can be very helpful with children that seem caught in a world of their own and have trouble focusing on school work.

But it occurs to me that it's all about the balance.  Maybe we are a little too focused on dreaming as a bad thing in our Bach Flower use of Clematis.  Perhaps you are feeling a bit stuck in the heaviness of this world and have lost touch with your imagination.  If that's the case, maybe Clematis can help you reconnect with your dream level consciousness where ideas and innovations are first conceived. May a few drops of Clematis can encourage you to dream and provide the strarting point to pursue your imagination.

I think that's the power of the Loon.  I rather imagine there was a Loon out there that dreamed of having more space to swim around in.  I figure he was a little bored with the confines of his small lake and imagined big waves, and salty shorelines. I'm willing to bet he was ridiculed a bit for his dreams. Perhaps the other loons labeled him a "dreamer". His teachers probably claimed he "lacked focus" and wasn't "grounded". He probably scored high in flight school and low in surface diving. I imagine his early efforts to live in the ocean probably brought on a few stomach aches and bouts of high cholesterol. I'm glad he persisted. Without his ability to dream and his persistence ability to listen to his dreams and bring them to reality I wouldn't have the experience of "my Loon".  And I'm really enjoying the song he sings.   I admire dreamers and I love a rebel!

Pleasant dreams. May they fertilize your schemes. 

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