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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Role Assignment & 7 Chakras

Shakespeare's character Jaques in the play "As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7 ", says:
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages."

This phrase has become pretty common in our culture and in my opinion, that signifies how true to life it appears to be. Perhaps it provides some guidance if we pay attention.

A lot of spiritual advice suggests that our life journey can be compared to a theatre production. We take on roles and play our parts with the freedom to change the lines, step out of the act, or sit in the audience if we so choose. It is often suggested that we create drama to amuse ourselves and then get so caught up in the role and the production that we loose sight of who we really are or want to be. Hmm...

I sort of "forgot all that" and was explaining to a friend how I was a little unclear of what my "role would be" in a drama being played out or, "soon to open in a theatre near me".  I told her I was waiting to see what role would be expected of me, having recognized that even within relationships, our roles and the parts we play often changes, or should change, as we carry through our journeys.  This friend is a true "Wise Woman" and in the fashion of  true wisdom, in one line, delivered a very profound message to me. She told me ,"you have only one role to play; that of loving person, and you should do whatever feels right to you, without waiting for a role to be assigned."

Wow! At least that's how I reacted.  So simple and yet so profound.  I guess I had got caught up in the casting call and lost sight of the overall production. I guess I was waiting for the Director to type cast me into something, give me my script, send me off to costuming, and provide my cues for stage direction on when to enter and exit.

So there I was waiting, when in fact, I don't really take direction that well in the first place! Nor do I like waiting. I'm not sure where I thought the Director would come from. I think I would have been very critical of such management.  I would have wanted to re-write the script no doubt. I imagine I would have fought the use of heavy make-up, and elaborate costuming- not comfortable to me. I have issues with right and left , so no doubt, I would have exited when I should have entered and vice versa.

That Wise Woman advice gave me great comfort.  I can handle one role. I can perform one character attribute: loving. I don't have to wait for a script. I don't have to think about stage directions I'm not comfortable with and might trip over. I'm get to "ad lib". I guess I'm more comfortable with "Improv" that with Shakespearean productions.

Shakespeare's character Jaques claim we have 7 acts.  These were in reference to stages of growth from infancy to old age. I think I want to change that piece.

I can't see the number 7, in reference to life's drama as anything but a reference to the 7 basic chakras. Perhaps that's not the way Shakespeare meant it, but I'm taking over the direction of this production remember.

I am going to bring my one character attribute; loving, into all 7 chakra acts. Within the Root Chakra I will recognize that I am safe and secure in this production without being dependent on any other characters. I can perform this one-person play. While I love the other characters, I don't need them for safety. I can let characters go if they need to move to other settings or out of town performances. I will move to the Sacral Chakra confident that this personal level of loving security allows me to use my creativity to adjust the setting, the costumes, and the props. If I feel I need a little more energy to bring my inner character to center stage, I'll just adjust the lighting and let it shine on my third chakra.  This will give me the power to love myself and my character deep in my heart. From that balanced Heart Chakra I can radiate that love onto other characters without  taking anything away from my own core performance.  I'll bring love into my Throat Chakra so that I can really speak my truth and be clear in my communications. I will be able to project my voice to the back of the theatre. It will come from the heart , not only from the logical, filtered,rehearsed, side of my brain. I don't need a teleprompter or some other Director to feed me lines, I'll just tap into the Third Eye Chakra where intuition will guide me throughout the performance. No need to memorize lines!  As I tap into that knowing, I'll connect to my higher self in the Crown Chakra and realize the truth. I am the star of this performance. All I have to do is be me!!

This production may require some Bach Flowers.  Sometimes I'm a little more comfortable with comedy than tragedy. I'll take some Agrimony if I find myself reaching for the mask.

I think all actors need Larch every once in awhile.  It will keep me confident that I do have what it takes to perform. A one-person play is perhaps a bit risky, but Larch will keep me determined and capable.

If I feel a moment of stage fright and I'm frozen in fear, unable to remember what my one role is- I'll take a few drops of Rock Rose.  It too, might be appropriate for every back stage/prop room.

I only have to direct myself in this production. If I loose sight of that and starte worrying if the other players have memorized their lines, I'll take a few drops of Red Chestnut. It will keep me compassionate without the worry.

I think I might be tempted as it gets closer and closer to "show time" to call in a consultant or two.  There are probably all kinds of "out of work Directors" looking to provide advice and take over.  If I feel myself hunting through the want ads, I'll take a few drops of Cerato. It will keep me trusting myself.

I can hear Wise Woman clapping from the balcony.  It's always more fun to play to an audience. I appreciate her supporting my efforts.

"The show must go on".

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