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Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Full Moon in Libra

Well, it's officially Easter weekend in my part of the world. This always feels like rather a strange and confusing holiday to me. There are parts of it I "just don't get".  I was going to cheat on the blog today and just re-post last year's Easter blog.  Always kind of interesting to me when I feel the same a year later.

So that's the way I still feel about Easter but it doesn't seem fair to let Easter celebrations or focus overshadow a Full Moon. And today the Full Moon is in Libra. I'm pretty sure the Spring Bunny is aware of that!

According to We'Moon 2012, a full moon in Libra really warms our hearts and heightens our aesthetics.  What a great time of year to experience that energy, when the world is coming to life with spring colors and melting temperatures.

We'Moon writes that those born under a moon in Libra are natural mediators. They want everyone to get along and play nicely together. They tend to be very positive and see the beauty and the good in everything. This external admiration is almost opposite to the internal, self-directed energy of Aries and the energy that abounded with the previus New Moon  So if you've been feeling a bit of a push/pull between internal wants and needs, and the needs of others and social obligations the past few days perhaps that's why. It can often be quite a relief when the Full Moon actually arrives. It's as though we are finally released of the pulling force of moving into a new energy and now we can "just be".

The Full Moon energy of Libra is all about relationships. We put ourselves in relationships in order to grown and learn.  As much as we think we want our relationships to be harmonious, easy, kind and nuturing, sometimes it is through conflict that we grow the most and the fastest. Hmm....

This Libra Moon energy may present the opportunity to be challenged by conflict. I'm not suggesting fighting over the colored Easter eggs  you might have found that were on your neighbour's property.  I'm suggesting it might be a time to think about how you feel about conflict and identify how you could use it for growth. In particular, it might be a good time to consider whether or not you are avoiding conflict at all costs and preventing your own growth as a result.

Libra energy enables us to be senstive to conflict. We can see who isn't happy and we can uncover areas of social injustice and inequality. But that kind of revealation is likely to make us uncomfortable. We may be tempted to gloss over it, distract attention to something else rather than bring opposing forces out in the open.

It seems to me that Libra energy, and what we are likely to eperience in this Full Moon Phase is a direct match for the Bach Flower essence Agrimony. Agrimony can help you balance the need for harmony with an ability to speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. It can help you communicate your real feelings openly rather than putting on the cheerful mask and crying on the inside. When Agrimony and Full Moon Libra energy is balanced, your cheerfulness and positive outlook comes from a real sense of self-acceptance and inner joy.  It's positive energy that is truth, not cover-up.

The attempt to avoid conflict can also create indecision. When you're trying to avoid potential disharmony you may jump back and forth between two choices or possibilities. If you're putting on the Agrimony mask to avoid the "elephant in the room", you may find yourself fluctuating between the extremes of happy and sad, contented and restless, optimistic and pessimistic. The Bach Flower Sceleranthus, in combination with Agrimony can help you even out that flip flop nature. Sceleranthus can help you maintain your poise and balance once you've taken off the mask and found your true direction.

So, if I go back to last year's Easter post, armed with this knowledge and the Full Moon in Libra energy- here's what I think. I think that hen and bunny really need to take a look at their relationship. I think the hen needs to speak up and tell the bunny there's no way he can take all her eggs. They are important to her and she's labored over them. I think the bunny should stand up and explain that first of all, he is a Spring Bunny, and not an Easter Bunny. I think he would most likely tell the hen that it's not the eggs that are so important as much as he wanted to bring color to the world and have people get outside and explore in nature. I believe the hen and the bunny would agree that people often don't explore unless they think there is treasure to be discovered, so there is some value in the egg coloring activity.  I think after a few drops of Agrimony, the hen will realize that only the fertilized eggs are really important to her and she would be relieved to give up a few of the other eggs ,and the heck with what the rooster says anyway. After a few drops of Scleranthus I think the Spring Bunny can travel in a much straighter line and put those eggs in pretty obvious places that people will admire and enjoy. That straight line will give him a whole lot more time to stand up on his hind legs and bask in the glow of the full moon. 

Happy Spring!

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