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Friday, April 13, 2012

Signs of Miracles?

The Peepers are back!  I heard them two nights in a row. Last year I wrote about the peepers when they arrived.  As an animal sign they signal us to see miracles in everyday things. It seems they have arrived pretty early this year.  Perhaps that's a sign of miraculous things in itself?

Since the experience with the Hawk  has allowed me to consider things from a new perspective, I thought maybe I'd see what Steven Farmer had to say about frogs. In "Animal Spirit Guides", Farmer writes that the frog might be a sign to emotional cleanse oneself. He suggests you take it as a sign to really feel your emotions and allow yourself to cry and release any emotional toxicity.  Farmer writes Frog energy is a sign of a slow and steady transformation and movement from an old life to a new. Farmer suggests you call on Frog Energy when you want to release your life from, people, places and things that no longer fit with your present lifestyle and who you are.

It does seem that Farmer sees the Frog from a bit of a different perspective than Mapel, but in the end  they are both talking about the appearance of miracles. Maybe that is what spring is all about and perhaps if we allowed our bodies to tune in, we could experience the same amazing transformation.

Humans are pretty drawn to the idea of miracles.  We want "miracle cures", "miracle signs" and "miracle saves". Maybe we like the shock and awe affect. Yet there are so many miraculous things happening all the time that we, in fact, take for granted and no longer consider their miraculous nature. I guess that's what the peepers are singing about. They want us to look around and see the miracles in the everyday.

From Farmer's point of view, it would seem, in order to take full advantage of the transformative nature of a miracle, you might need to shed a few tears of toxicity. You might need to let go of pent up "stuff" in order to find room for the transformation, the miracle within. Hmm...

A couple of years ago I planted some crocus bulbs in a pile of horse manure.  You don't get much better an example of released toxicity than a pile of manure I wouldn't think.  Every year out of that pile come beautiful flowers. It seems more than a little miraculous to me. Yet without that released  material they wouldn't have what they need to mature and I wouldn't have transformation in the pile!

For some reason, the crocuses appeared in a pretty unique order this year. The yellow ones appeared first- only the yellow ones. The other day the purple ones suddenly appeared all over the place and mixed in with the yellow ones,  all at once.  Today the white ones have arrived. I forgot they were even planted in there.Hmm...

That color order seems pretty much a sign as well.  I figure the yellow ones appeared to provide the burst of energy required for personal power and growth. Yellow resonates with the third Chakra  It's the energy, power and self-esteem we need to make the transformation happen.

Then along comes the purple crocus.  I've written about them earlier.  The Purple Crocus, like the peepers, is a sign to release the tension of emotions and "old stuff".  The Purple crocus resonates with the throat chakra according to Sabina Pettitt from Pacific Essences  The color purple also resonates with the 6th Chakra or the third eye. That's our source of intuition.  It would seem from the third eye we come to understand the way in which we need to be transformed and what type of change would reconnect us to our ultimate path. 

The white Crocus and the Peepers arrived at pretty much the same time. I'm going to consider that the ultimate connection. White resonates with the Crown Chakra and helps us connect to the divine, to that universal nature that is all around us and is, in itself, miraculous.

Universal energy, that connection with Spirit, the ability to heal, the power to transform is always available to us.  That's what makes it so miraculous: the fact that it's actually, "everyday". I guess sometimes we need a few signs to remind ourselves of that.  A good cleansing cry, a walk through the poop, and listening to the song of the peepers may be all that's required.

Release and enjoy the miracle of change!

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