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Monday, May 28, 2012

Alternative Healing for Seasonal Allergies

At least in my part of the world, the brilliant yellow dandelions are turning to puffy white clouds and dispersing themselves into the wind to enter another cycle of dormancy only to reappear next year.  I love the dandelions and have written about them before when I made dandelion wine that actually became dandelion beer  It seems very fitting that the beer should just about be ready at the same time as the last of the fluff is being carried off into the wind. Dandelions have many medicinal uses and they resonate with the third chakra, our source of personal power

As kids we used to do a lot with dandelions.  The yellow flowers were hair adornments for sure. The stems we twisted into chains and they became necklaces, rings, and ankle bracelets.  Occasionally the stems and flowers together were made into crowns. But the fun really began with the fluff appeared.  Dandelion fluff is the "poor kid version" of those bubble making kits that you blow into the wind and watch the stream of bubbles go off to "never-never-land".  We made wishes on the wings of those seeds. Hmm...

But if all that poetry, nostalgia, or today's picture has you rubbing your eyes, sneezing into a Kleenex, or feeling the pressure build in your head- you might be suffering from seasonal allergies that no doubt are starting to peak to unbearable levels right about now! 

There are a lot of very effective alternative remedies for allergies.  Last year, in early April, I wrote about some ideas to try.  Figuring out something that might work in advance of the pollen fluff can be very helpful.  But if you're just joining the blog now, or missed last year's post, or didn't pay attention because you were busy with dandelion fluff and bubbles!  here it is again.  The same advice still holds true this year. 

There is also a combination homeopathic remedy for seasonal allergies that might be worth a try.  Classic homeopaths don't particularly support the use of combination homeopathic remedies.  Multiple remedies can kind of muddle your presentation and you are likely taking some that you don't need as well as the ones you do.  There is definitely a benefit to finding the one remedy that really works best for you personally.  But, in the meantime, if your head is pounding and you can't think straight to figure that out- there's nothing wrong with trying a combo. In my opinion a homeopathic combo is similar to taking Rescue Remedy from the Bach Flower essence line. It can be the calming influence that helps immediately until you can figure out something more specific. In fact, if you take Rescue Remedy while trying to sort through the homeopathics you will be well ahead of the game!

Boiron, a homeopathic pharmacy makes a combination for seasonal allergies called Sabalia.  You can find this in most pharmacies, drug stores, health food stores, and even the vitamin/supplement isle of many grocery stores. Sometimes the packaged preparations seem a little less intimidating to people. They don't seem very different to conventional allergy treatments and there is some comfort in the familiarity of that.  This combination includes; Allium cepa, Ambrosia artemis, Euphrasia, Histaminum, Sabadilla, and Solidago.  It is prepared in tablet formed. You crunch the tablets and let them dissolve in your mouth.  The instructions for use (found on the box) are to take 1 tablet every 15 minutes at the onset of symptoms, or 2 tablets 4 times a day as a preventative dose. If you've waited until you have full blown symptoms of sinus headache, sneezing, runny nose etc., be prepared to go through quite a few tablets to find relief, but once you do, you'll notice the difference in an amazing way. 

The difference with homeopathic preparations from many conventional , over the counter, allergy medications , is that once you find relief you feel as though the symptoms are gone, not masked or suppressed.  You have to try it to really understand that difference, but once you "go there" I'm willing to bet you won't find yourself back in the conventional medication isle!

Even better- you'll be able to go out and blow dandelion fluff with the rest of us!!

Make a wish!

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