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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Energy Clutter

One of the news stories this week that is really making the rounds is about a container box washing up on shore in British Columbia that contained some household items and a motorcycle from the Japan tsunami in March. This container debris is an outlier from a huge debris field that is heading towards the Western Coast.  It's estimated to be about 25 million tons of "stuff"!! We're talking about cars, ships,airplanes and about 200,000 buildings  floating around out there on quite a determined path.  I don't think most of us can really grasp the concept of that.  At first it sounds kind of cool.  We've all looked for the "message in the bottle" treasure.  Growing up on the coast you always think about finding treasure.  But is this really treasure? Although it may have been very important to many people awhile ago, and absolutely their treasures, it's 25 million tons of stuff that has been floating in salt water since March after first being hit full force with a wall of water!!!  And while there might have been a few coins tucked into a seat cushion in one of those planes, I don't think you're going to be able to sort that out from the plane itself. 

From an emergency management perspective this is a really big problem.  Experts have been working on it since the tsunami hit.  It's no surprise that it's heading this way- it has been for months.  That's good news in a way- means plans can be made to deal with it.  It's also bad news in a way because it means you really have to think and consider the political ramifications of dealing with this stuff.  Do you have to sort through this in case there is someone else's "treasure" in there?  Who "owns" this stuff now- both the good and the bad?

When I see the pictures of the computer generated models predicting the flow of this field of debris (today's picture is via NOAA), it makes me realize how much energy we are talking about. It's the classic example of how "things" just get transformed and keep cycling back and around with bits and pieces getting washed up and plucked out along the way.  This stuff will flow towards the B.C. coast, then down to Hawaii, back to Asia and around and around again.  It will travel on currents called the North Pacific Gyre. It is a circular path that points to our connections. Hmm...

I believe we have emotional energy clutter surrounding us and headed our way all the time. In the movie "I Am" there are  explanations of experiments depicting the electromagnetic fields that surround each of us.  We can be influenced by these energy waves and some of it will "wash up on our shores".

It would seem, just like the impact and clean-up planning efforts for the tsunami debris, we should all have a good clean up/impact plan to cope with the onslaught of energy clutter that is continuously floating our way.

There is a tendency to collect that energy clutter.  We tend to take on the emotions and energy of other people. We draw that wave in towards us when we talk to people, share their concerns, take on their problems, and connect with them. Sometimes we try to hoard potential treasure.  We fill out pockets with things that might be treasures. We enjoy the process of beach combing through that stuff.  We are drawn to the shiny objects, the emotional issues, the distraction of other people's journeys and lives. Maybe there is something in there we could use.

Sometimes there is treasure.  Sometimes people have wonderful energy, enlightening ideas, and true positive energy they are willing share with you.  We feel uplifted by their positive nature. We grow by connecting and sharing.  But sometimes it's just junk and clutter.  We have a hard time getting rid of it.  We think it might be useful some time later down the road so we take it home. It ways us down and fills our hearts and brains just like a cluttered room of "stuff".  We already have a ton of this stuff at home in our basements. We have our own energy junk. It's  our every day problems, issues we haven't really dealt with, past traumas,and future worries.The think about junk is that it keeps piling up.  Once you have a few problems of your own, it seems more problems get attracted to you. You already know this feeling so you welcome the extra energy. Before you know it, you can't even really separate what started out as your and what is really problems and energy you don't own, but have accumulated.

There are probably as many ways to deal with energy clutter as their are ways to deal with that floating debris. You can read books about how to do this.  You can put up energy shields, do clearings, or recite the Violet Flame

The Bach Flower essence Walnut might help protect you from the outside influences of the energies of others. When you see that slow moving wave of junk heading toward you, a couple of drops of Walnut might be very helpful to keep you steadfast to your own path unaffected by shinny energy of others. Perelandra ETS might also be very helpful in resisting the electromagnetic field of negativity.

The point is, you do need to have a plan.  That pile is floating to you - like it or not.  There is a flow to it if you allow it.  You can choose to select some positive aspects if you're ready and let the rest float on by.  It will come back again when you're ready. It's all a cycle.

When you look down at the sand continuously, you sometimes forget where you're going and you often miss the feeling of the sun in your face and the soothing nature of the waves. And a walk on the beach can be a whole lot more comfortable if you're pockets remain light. 

Enjoy the stroll.

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