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Friday, May 4, 2012

Supermoon Lunar Beltane

If you've been feeling a little emotionally charged the past couple of days, it might be that you are feeling more than a little influenced by some of nature's power.  This Saturday, May 5th is a full moon that is a supermoon, and Lunar Beltane with the moon in Scorpio. Hmm...

I've talked a lot about the influences of a full moon. It pulls to our fluidity and that type of changing force can be positive, exciting, disconcerting and frightening.  In short; just plain emotional.  But Saturday's full moon is not "just" a full moon. It's also a Supermoon. 

A Supermoon occurs when the full moon coincides with the moon's closest approach to the earth. The moon's orbit is elliptical so one side of the orbit is 50,000 km closer than the other.  That means, on Saturday, the moon will "only" be 359,955km away, as opposed to the average 383,000km.  That still sounds pretty far away to me, but then again, 50,000km is a pretty long journey. So it would seem that we should be able, on some level ,to feel the difference. Your brain might even register the difference such that the moon appears 14% bigger and 30% brighter according to NASA.  I'm not sure that my brain is that precise, but I think if I go with feelings in contrast to thinking, the closeness will be apparent.

Even if it weren't for the supermoon effect, this full moon would be particularly significant.  It marks Lunar Beltane.  This alone is cause for celebration.  It signifies the half way point in the year and the beginning of the "summer side" of the year.  This is the Celtic idea of May Day and a celebration that unities people towards a common goal of new growth.  It's a celebration meant to honor the magical work of faeries as they bring out the buds and flowers of nature. With the moon glowing even brighter, the veil between one dimension and the magic of another should be thinner I think.

Lunar Beltane was celebrated in groups. It was, in part, a celebration of the collective nature of the earth and honored with friends and neighbours.  It was a time to consider common goals and overall growth. Perhaps a time to come out of the cave after a long winter and dance with others under the light of the moon and collective fires. And yet, the Lunar Beltane moon is a full moon in Scorpio. Hmm...

Scorpio energy is pretty personal, and inner directed. Those born under the moon in Scorpio really want and need their privacy.  They set up pretty clear, and sometimes prickly, boundaries according to We'Moon 2012. They love a mystery, but they can be challenged to keep their mind open and remain curious without being judgemental. They also sometimes have to work on balancing solitude with connection to others.

That sounds like that energetic influence again that might cause us to really look at what we want to take on as our own and what we might need protection from.  The closeness of the moon and  the opposition between the primal need to share in celebration and a desire to focus within and  in solitude is just a little unsettling. 

The Global Coherence Initiative offers a chance for group connectivity during this full moon They agree with the unsettling nature of the planet right now. 

"The frequency pitch of the planetary consciousness shift is accelerating and the speed of change, internally and externally, is becoming more obvious. Our mental and emotional energy is often more amplified and the collective electromagnetic energy field is impacted by increased solar activity. This is affecting everything from our personal inner balance to electrical disturbances in the internet and other electronics. While the acceleration is due to more light coming into the planetary system, it can often be difficult to keep up with. Many people are feeling more tired, frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed, and at times mentally confused by so much unusual change happening. These are some of the standard symptoms of the planetary energy shift and many of them will pass in time."
Sometimes it helps just to know you aren't alone in your feelings even if you want to be alone to feel. In my opinion, it doesn't matter as much whether you choose to celebrate alone or in a group, as long as you take the time to celebrate. Celebrate the closeness of a full moon,  a new season, the forces of nature, a shifting world and personal growth.

Feel the magic!!

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