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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Animal Signs : Owl

So the other day the Shamanic Astrology book jumped out at me and followed me home. Yesterday I wrote about it on the blog.   Last night I  jumped ahead in the book and read about the Spirit Animal Owl, because sometimes it's "all about me" and Owl just happens to be my Spirit Animal according to the Shamanic Astrology charts.  Last night I heard an Owl just outside my window. Now that's a sign not even I can ignore and when I can't ignore a thing, it shows up on my blog. So here goes...

I've written about owls before on this blog. It was a very early post a couple of years ago just because it's one of my favorite animals and I love to hear their sound. Then in a later posting I made the connection of Owl energy with a full moon in Aries. But according to Lucy Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology, Owl is the spirit animal for those born in the Northern Hemisphere between November 22 and December 21; the Western Astrology sign of Sagitarious.  It is also the Spirit Animal for those born in the Southern Hemisphere between May 21 and June 20; the Western Astrology sign of Gemini.

Owls are revered in a lot of cultures. They are seen as being the "holders of wisdom", like "Wise Ole Owl" in A.A. Milne's,  Winnie ther Pooh. Owls are a symbol of protection, healing, and the type of sage advice or mystical, intuitive, knowledge that comes from having lived many lives.  For the Native Americans, Owl is considered a messenger that  brings knowledge and healing powers.

If Owl is your Spirit Animal, according to Harmer, you most likely resonate with the season of hibernation and long nights. You relate to the North Wind from a North-northwest direction and your element is Fire. The Owl Spirit belongs to the Falcon clan as do Falcons and Salmons.  The stone for this sign is the Obsidian which is a protective stone. It cleanses negative energy and elements and wards off psychic attack even as it bestows the powers of clairvoyance. The plant for this sign is Mistletoe.

Owl people often have strengths of fairness, honesty, wisdom, and intelligence. They can be philosophical and idealistic in nature. Their weakness includes a tendency to be restless. They like a challenge and may jump from project to project. They can be intolerant, proud, irresponsible and tactless. Just think of that Wise Ole Owl and you get the picture.

Lucy Harmer doesn't connect the Spirit Animals to Bach flowers, but the traits of the Owl personality, in my opinion, point to the essences of Cerato, Impatiens, Beech, Hornbeam and perhaps a bit of Aspen if that clairvoyance isn't clearly understood or developed.  You don't have to be "Owl" in personality to benefit from these essences, and the Owl personality can also benefit from any of the other essences, but these would be good ones to consider if unsure where to start.

Harmer writes that the life path for the Owl is
" learning to be more tolerant of others; sharing your wisdom and knowledge with others"

The sharing part isn't always easy. "Wise Ole Owl" is pretty comfortable with his bifocals on, sitting in his library, with a cup of tea, reading and getting even wiser. He seems pretty comfortable to share information when some of the critters from the Hundred Acre Wood have a specific question, but he doesn't often get out there and volunteer it. He's too busy trying to get wiser. Hmm...

If that's the case, then I'm going to share the wisdom that we can learn a lot from, and by listening to, nature. And " Shamanic Astrology", might be yet another tool to consider in the journey. Now when I hear the Owls I'll know why I feel a strong connection and a soothing in my soul. And maybe I'll tell others about it!

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