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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Residual Fear: Bach Flowers to Overcome

It's pretty hard not to hear something these days about the horrific shooting in the Colorado Movie theatre these days.  Not only is it in the media everywhere you look, it also seems to be in a lot of peoples' minds. But what strikes me about the coverage and discussions about the incident, is how different the reporting seems to be this time around. And it feels very positive to me.

Usually when events like this happen, a lot of blame gets thrown around. I guess it's a way to deflect our fear and process our grief.  In fact, it's often part of the stages of grief  We're kind of used to hearing response agencies criticized for taking too long, or not doing something right.  None of that seems to be happening with this event. In fact, exactly the opposite is true.  Reporters and the general public alike are praising Police, Fire and EMS for quick response, effective leadership, and heroic actions. That is truly a shift in my opinion.

In another shift, this event doesn't seem to be turned into a "War on Something", not even a "War on Gun Use" or something like that.  I think some agencies have tried to steer it that way a bit, but it doesn't seem to be picking up any real momentum.

It's almost like, this event is turning towards Peace, Harmony and Caring. The political speeches have been about being thankful for what you do have. They mentioned  hugging your children that are unharmed and feeling love for those who have lost loved ones. There has been a definite effort on the part of the media and politicians to make this event more about sending compassion to the victims and their families than it has been to send hatred to those responsible for the act. I have even heard one of the survivors saying he couldn't really hate the gunman- he could only feel sorry for the darkness he must have felt that would drive him to such actions. Everyone I have seen interviewed has been articulate, full of compassion for others involved, thankful for the actions of others, and expressing an eagerness to move on.

In my opinion this is a huge shift.  We often talk about "shifting consciousness" and how the world feels a little different. People question whether 2012 will bring a "shift" or whether or not something, and it seems we don't know what that "something" is, will change, occur, or happen.  I think this recent event is evidence "something" has happened and represents a shift in how we choose to look at the world.

When we recognize our connectedness, feel empathy for others, and share their stories, we connect to their emotions. And some of the emotions that are being expressed, perhaps particularly now, a few days later as people do try to move on, is fear. There have been a few incidents in theatres lately where fear has really been apparent and it would seem a lot of people have a sense of jittery anxiety.

It was that fear that I started  to write today's blog about.  In a search for pictures on google to go with my theme, I found today's picture on the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program (WFLDP) website  I was pretty surprised by that. And again, this seems like a shift to me. It's a shift away from Command and Control, into true leadership and that, believe me, is a culture change in the fire services. That I know for sure, and I applaud WFLDP's efforts.  Plus I really like that turtle!

It seems like the fear a lot of people are talking about is fear of being in a crowd because that's what happened in Colorado.  A fear of who might be lurking around you and what they might be intending to do that is so far from your thought process it's hard to comprehend. That's where Bach Flower essences would be helpful. 

In fact, there are 5 Bach Flower essences within the category of fear, all of which could apply. Rock Rose, Minmulus, Cherry Plum, Aspen and Red Chestnut could all be helpful right now.

Rock Rose addresses the type of fear that has you frozen in place. A lot of survivors of the theatre event talked about having those moments or seconds when they just froze and had no idea what to do. It's such a shock to our system that the body has no idea how to move when the mind is so overwhelmed. Rock Rose is helpful, not only when you are in the moment of terror, it is also helpful after being in an accident, witnessing an event, or having a near escape.  I imagine all the survivors of that night could use a few drops of Rock Rose. And, if you have been identifying or empathizing with that type of fear, Rock Rose might be helpful to restore your courage and presence of mind. It can help you move forward with purpose.

Mimulus is also a helpful essence for overcoming fear. I imagine there are more than a few people out there that are thinking twice about whether or not they want to go into a theatre. If your fear is very specific like that, Mimulus can help you face your fears with confidence. Mimulus helps you get your emotions under control so you can enjoy life without fear. After a few drops of Mimulus, you might be able to consider where the nearest exits are, think about what might shield you in an emergency, and then just sit back and enjoy your popcorn.  Maybe Mimulus should replace butter as a topping for theatre popcorn for awhile.

Cherry Plum is also a remedy to consider if your predominant emotion is fear. It is specific to the fear of loosing control of your behavior.  I guess if anyone had of been able to reach the gunman , before he let loose, with some Cherry Plum the story might have been different. I believe there are people that will identify with the gunman in this story and probably do understand how his mind could have taken him to that place. Cherry Plum can't solve everything  but it might be part of the solution. It can help you calm your mind so you can think and act rationally.

Aspen is the Bach Flower to consider if your fears or worries are of an unknown origin. If you are taking on the fears of others, you may be experiencing a sense of anxiety that comes out of nowhere.  Aspen helps if this fear is unspecific in nature and doesn't seem connected to a particular worry or action.  Often empathic people describe this as "a fear that isn't my own". Aspen can help you shake that fear so that you can get re-connected with your sense of inner peace, security and fearlessness.

Finally, a lot of parents out there might really find a few drops of Red Chestnut helpful right about now. I think a lot of the initial political reactions showed the "parental fear" that Red Chestnut addresses. If you find yourself over concerned or worried about the safety of your loved ones because of recent events, Red Chestnut is the Bach Flower for you. It can help you care with compassion but not anxiety.  It helps you put risk and threat in perspective, particularly where it concerns children or loved ones.

I'm not suggesting that Bach Flowers can fix everything that's not right or solve all concerns, emotions and issues.  But they are one more avenue to try in a world of options out there, yours for the taking. They don't cause side effects, they don't do any harm, and they just might get you over a rough period in your life. They might help you shift, or adjust to the shifting.

I've decided to do a shift of my own in response to what I see as an opening in the world. So... if you're having difficulty getting past some fear, and one of those Bach Flowers I mentioned in this post really strikes a cord for you, send me an email at , write BACH FOR FEAR in the subject line, tell me which of those fear essences is a match for you, and I"ll  send you a remedy bottle with that Bach Flower essence in it. For now at least, I'll cover the shipping and handling costs of getting it you assuming I can get it to you. I guess if I get overwhelmed with requests I might have to rethink that, but for now "that's the deal". Let me know what you need and I'll try to get it to you.

Let's embrace the shift.

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