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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Waxing Moon in Scorpio

It feels like there is a whole lot going on out there in nature today from multiple perspectives. Here's my attempt to pull it all, or at least some of it, together.

First of all, according to We'Moon 2012, today marks the beginnning of a Waxing Moon in Scorpio. I believe the moon is a pretty powerful force so, to me, it makes sense to start with that.

A waxing moon is the beginning of the moon phase turning towards a full moon.  It will be full on August 1st, so between now and then the intensity continues to grow. That alone is strong energy. Lucy Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology, writes about the power of the Waxing Moon.  She explains this moon cycle provides tremendous energy for getting our ideas and projects up and running. . So if you put some thought to a new project during the New Moon phase, you might now be beginning to feel that project gaining speed and momentum. Harmer claims we can sense this energy in everything. During the Waxing Moon,  leaves, fruit and seeds all speed up their development. Harmer also writes that "feelings come more easily to the surface and will need to be expressed or freed". Hmm....

I went for a walk to think about the waxing moon in Scorpio and everywhere I looked thistles were in bloom.  The close up picture I thought was going to be really great didn't quite work out because the mosquitoes were out in full force too, but you get the idea. Well, it just so happens that thistle, according to Shamanic Astrology is the plant that corresponds to the Spirit Animal Snake, or in Western Astrology, Scorpio. I guess the thistles are feeling the power of that Waxing Moon in their sign and they are making themselves known.

The thistle is considered a symbol of protection in the Shamanic world. It has great curative powers and is believed to cleanse and tone the liver. It symbolizes strenth and durability. It's strong roots remind us of the importance of a solid base. The thistle is also a wee bit prickly. That's also true of the energy of Scorpio. This energy brings a need for privacy. We pull in a bit and our boundaries can become a bit prickly as we feel the need to protect ourselves from external forces.

In The Language of Flowers Victoria claimed the definition for thistle was "misanthrophy".  That word required a trip to Websters Dictionary for me. It means dislike or mistrust of people in general.  I guess Victoria had her reasons for building that prickly boundary but she did work to soften it a bit. And that might be the challenge under the Waxing Scoprio Moon; to choose carefully where you concentrate your attention and focus so that you can balance connection with solitude. Perhaps it's important to  keep an open mind and remain open to opportunities around you.  We'Moon describes the balance as being "curious rather than judgemental".  I like that.

The Waxing Moon phase resonates with both the second and third Chakras.  These Chakras are really about finding self as separate from your "tribe" so you can bring strength and power to that sense of individual power. In second Chakra development you being to understand what motivates your emotions as an individual rather than according to group consensus or peer pressure.  Once you are clear on your uniqueness, in third Chakra development you build on your individuality and bring power and focus to what makes you, you. And that, like the thistle, can require a clear sense of boundaries.

So, in my opinion, nature's presciption for the Waxing Moon in Scorpio, is to use this available energy to propel your self forward in the direction you want to go. There is opportunity now to develop self, as a separate entitiy with a strong sense of power.  In order to do that, you may need to venture outside with a curious, but selective, intent. This is an opportunity to  take a look at the possibilities that exist for growth and the resources that are available to expand deep within ourselves.

Snake, Scorpio, and thistle are all pretty grounded, rooted, energies. The Waxing Moon energy in Scoprio seems to be offering an opportunity to grow that sense of groundedness into something just a bit more expansive. Look to the stars while maintaining your roots. Maintain your prickly boundaries but consider expansion into the soft beauty of nature as well.

Enjoy the opportunity for growth!

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