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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Moon in Capricorn: Balancing Work and Play

Feeling a little "antsy" today?  Not sure where to start or what to do?  Perhaps it goes a little deeper and it's that struggle between "doing" and "being"? 

It seems like it has been a pretty wild weekend.  Mother Nature seems to be quite a force these days. Wildfires continue to flare, floods in other ends of the country, severe thunderstorms and heat waves in other areas. 

All is calm in my spot in the world- at least externally. But I don't really have to look to the sky or my We'Moon 2012 book to realize it's a full moon.  We enter a full moon in Capricorn phase today. I wrote about this phase last year  I also got a comment from last year's post that the Full Moon Capricorn ritual was to let go of the serious side of things. I like that idea.

According to We'Moon 2012, the Moon in Capricorn energy is about accomplishing things. We want to manage our world, put action into our dreams and feel the joy of accomplishing our ambitions. Under this kind of energy we may find it difficult to be happy unless we feel we are making progress.  It can be a challenge to accept the worth of being as well as doing. Hmm...

I took today's picture last night so the moon isn't totally full in the picture, but from that far away it's pretty hard to tell!  I felt like I had to get a picture of it, but I wasn't quite in tune enough to dig out the camera.  I ended up using my cell phone. I'm sure there is a button there somewhere to zoom in, but I couldn't find it.  I never know what kind of picture I'm really going to get with my phone but this one made me think.

The absence of the zoom meant I couldn't focus on the far way moon anymore than I could hone in on the physical world of fishing boats and pleasure craft. Those three dots right in the middle are actually the moon. One "dot" is the  moon in the sky, the other is the reflection of the moon on the water far away, and the closest and brightest dot is also a reflection of the moon in the water close to my feet. As I look at the picture, I realize those 3 dots form a line that separates the picture in two halves. On one side of the line there are pleasure crafts and the promise of relaxation and a quiet sail under the light of the moon.  On the other side there is a working vessel and the promise of pretty tough physical work, a working wharf, and "no rest for the weary". Hmm...

So I'm thinking what the universe might be telling me, through a pretty blurry picture!, is the need to focus on the bright spot in the middle. I think that represents the integration of all sides, the balance between working and playing, doing and being, dreams and accomplishment.

To me this feels like the Wild Rose summer again, but it also suggests that balancing nature of the Bach Flower essence Scleranthus. Scleranthus can help balance doing and being. It can help you find your place in the middle when you're trying to decide between two things, or find the calm integration of your need to "do" with your need to "be". If the challenge of a Full Moon in Capricorn is to accept the value in ourselves strictly for the individual energy we bring into the world, a few drops of Scleranthus might help us to find that peace.

Maybe there is no decision to be made.  Maybe you don't have to zoom into the material world, and loose site of the bigger picture. At the same time, maybe you don't have to zoom into the spiritual focus and loose the material aspects of living.  Perhaps it's about bringing right and left, near and far, material and spiritual all into a wide angle- all at once. Maybe if we step back a bit, and let go of our need to control the outcome, the picture will develop into exactly what we need for this moment.

The Ritual of letting go of the seriousness, makes sense during a  Full Moon of Capricorn.  If we let go of our serious need to control, produce, accomplish, and organize, maybe we would find the true joy of appreciation for everything that is right in front of our eyes and felt deep within our hearts.

So my prescription for the Full Moon in Capricorn, is to "let go of the need to focus and just enjoy the picture that is created for you".  Now that's progress!!

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