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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Moon in Cancer: Emotional Energy

According to my We'Moon 2012 book, today marks a New Moon in Cancer cycle.  Maybe that explains the focus on emotions that a lot of people have been noticing the past couple of days. People have been telling me they just sort of "feel more" without really being able to attach those feelings to a clear description, or to any particular event.  Maybe that's just Vagus nerve stuff showing up again?

Lucy Harmer, in Shamanic Astrology, writes this about the new moon phase:
"It brings inspiration and intuition, enabling us to develop our perceptions and discover our hidden potential. The new moon stabilizes incoming energies represented by the spirit animal for that month Its energy and potential promise opportunity; it is the best time to start new projects, to make decisions and resolutions, and to put our intentions into words."

Hmm.. sounds like pretty powerful stuff, a real chance to put our emotions into action. Assuming I'm figuring this out correctly, the spirit animal for this month and this new moon would be Woodpecker, the Spirit attached to the Western Astrology sign of Cancer. I've written about the Woodpecker before, and it's been a pretty popular post. that was before I had the benefit of Lucy Harmer's insights and writings.

In Shamanic Astrology, this is the season of long hot days, and in my part of the world that most certainly seems to be true. We have passed out of spring, into the time where much of nature is in full bloom and at it's peak. The energy is settled a bit more, perhaps even heavier than the upbeat, rush of new spring growth and renewal. Harmer writes that during this time Nature concentrates on the richness it has created.

Woodpecker, like the rest of the Frog clan, resonates with the water element, and that provides a link to emotions. As I wrote earlier, Woodpecker energy is about nurturing emotions, family ties, and social networks. Projects undertaken under this New Moon will be influenced by strong emotions. This is a time of following your heart, perhaps more than your head.

I've also written about the Full Moon in Cancer. A full moon is a good time to let go of things you no longer need, so the idea of letting go of emotional baggage works under this influence.  But a New Moon is about beginnings, so this is a good time to use the intuition, and emotional energy to fuel new ideas, creative ventures and projects. This is a time to pull your sense of nurturing in and consider how you can use your emotions to propel you towards what you want to create.

There seems to be a strong case for group projects under the influence of this New Moon. In my opinion, it's about beginning a new project, idea, or venture with close friends or those you consider to be family. It's a time for choosing a few select, like-minded, individuals to work towards a common goal or a chosen path. Using that group nurturing energy, anything is possible.

Woodpecker people are sensitive and empathic in nature. Perhaps during the influence of this type of energy, we all feel that increase in emotional connection. During this influence it's important to let the emotions flow, to be channeled into a project or idea. It is about continuing to cycle the energy rather than taking it to heart and holding it in so that we carry other people's problems around . Vagus nerve flow again...

In Shamanic Astrology, the plant that corresponds to this season and moon influence is the Wild Rose. I knew that Wild Rose was around for some reason! 

If I put it all together, I figure this New Moon phase is a time to get moving on what feels right and is fueled by emotions, intuition, and family harmony. I figure it's time to consider initiating that project that will nurture your family, your friends, and Nature. I think it's about acknowledging the force of emotions and keeping them flowing towards a common goal.

In Native American tradition, the Woodpecker drumming is the heartbeat of Mother Earth and Shamans are said to use this sound to travel to other dimensions. I guess it's a good time to allow the power of collective emotions to take us on journeys we have only dreamed of.

Happy travels!

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