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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Boss of Me

So at 2am this morning, daylight savings time is officially over for the year and time, as we agree on it, is moved back one hour. We moved it ahead in March and I wrote about the whole notion then too

Usually I'm pretty happy about this "fall back" concept of time.  I really like my sleep and for years I have bought in to this notion that miraculously I got an extra hour of sleep last night.  What was I thinking!! I guess something in me has changed, because this year I just can't buy into that at all and I can't believe I ever did!

First of all, the idea of this "changing time" was always explained, at least in the grade school I went to, as a way to help farmers.  Supposedly this would give them more daylight to work in. Seriously??  In the early 1900's, before the days of automated feeding and milking, I think you would have been pretty hard pressed to find a successful farmer that relied on an alarm clock to tell him when to get to work in the morning! I don't want to get into the notion of a conspiracy theory, but I just can't any longer believe that was the real reason.  I wonder if anyone gave the rooster an alarm clock, and if so, did someone sneak out at 2am and switch it back an hour?

In the days leading up to this time switch this year, I've read media accounts of how great this weekend is for many people.  Apparently the majority of North Americans are sleep deprived and to have this extra hour is quite a boost. Seriously??? You relied on the notion of time of day to "allow" you to sleep longer?

I wrote a Children's Story called "The Boss of Me".  The concept is that sometimes you have a lot more choice and control than you might think. Today I'm thinking adults can maybe apply that concept as well.

Here's the thing.  Someone else might tell you what time you need to be at work.  But you can choose what time you get up in the morning.  You are the boss of you!  Someone else might tell you to switch your clock back an hour but you can choose what you  want to do with that "extra" hour and whether or not you believe you've gained anything in the first place. You are the boss of you!

In my opinion, if you're sleep deprived, it has much less to do with what the clock says, as it has to do with what you are doing with your "time".  You might have to have an email account, but you can choose when you check your messages and respond back.  You only have so many hours in the day (according to our concept of time which is suspicious in the first place), but you do get to choose what all you want to fit in, and cut out of, that time. You are the boss of you!

If you're having difficulty believing in your ability to choose, the Bach Flower essence Cerato might help.  It is for people that don't trust their own judgement and decision making. It could be for farmers that are waiting for someone else to tell them when to get up in the morning and when to shut down at night. If you find yourself seeking advice from others rather than trusting your own gut feelings- this Bach is for you.

If you believe deep down you know what is, and isn't, right for you but you're putting on a mask and pretending it's okay, Agrimony might be the Bach Flower essence for you. It's for farmers that know they would be better off going to bed  and getting up earlier but they "go with the flow" of what everyone else is doing rather than set off an argument.

If you think you should be, and could be, the boss of you, but don't risk taking on that challenge for fear of failure, Larch might be the Bach Flower for you. It's for farmers that know deep down they are tuned in to and in sync with the cycles of nature but are afraid to follow their intuition in case they sleep in!

If you've refused to change your clocks and have started a blog about destroying Daylight Savings and asked people to sign a petition, Vervain might be the Bach Flower for you. Being the boss of you doesn't mean you become the boss of everyone- just you.  Vervain types can get a little over-enthusiastic in their efforts to boss everyone and a few drops of the essence can help them be more tolerant of how others act. If your irritation over the whole "time change thing" has kept you awake through that extra hour- try some Vervain.

In my opinion, we often give up our control because of fear. Sometimes it isn't easy being the boss of me. This fear of losing, or letting go of, control may be an indication for the Bach Flower essence Cherry Plum. Cherry Plum can help you think and act rationally in your position as Boss of Me.

"The Boss of Me" hasn't yet seen the light of publishing yet. Maybe I'll spent that extra hour today working on that.  Maybe it's all about timing...

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