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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Capitalize "flow"

We talk a lot about the ease of "going with the flow".  There are lots of self-help books written about accepting, instead of fighting, situations.  We have popular phrases like "let go and let be", "ride the wave", and "it is what it is". I think the point of all that, is that life doesn't have to be difficult and sometimes we fight against things in a waste of energy. Some people try to white water raft through life taking a very challenging course, continuously trying to direct their path and steer around the rocks and obstacles.  If your life is exactly what you want it to be and you feel  fulfilled yet challenged, certain that you're on the right course, secure in your direction and happy with your speed of progression- congratulations! Pat yourself on the back, shut down the computer and go have a coffee!  If however, going with the flow might possibly have left you feeling a bit "adrift"- read on.

Jan Spiller in, "Astrology for the Soul", talks about "going with the flow" in reference to North Node in Leo people.  She suggests there is a difference between Flow with a capital "f" and flow. I read that a few times and didn't really "get it" until the other day the light bulb came on for me.

I think what Spiller is suggesting is that sometimes we don't personalize our sense of flow.  We go along for the ride uncaring where this bus is headed. Or perhaps thinking we have no control. We use "letting go and letting be" and "going with the flow" as an excuse to prevent us from picking a direction for our lives and deciding what it is we personally want.  It's easier to follow the flow that someone else has created,so we convince ourselves that we're in the right place and we're happy enough with life. It is certainly an easier ride than trying to swim upstream. 

But what if you're caught in the flow? What if you look around you and this is not exactly the scenery you wanted.  Maybe you don't really feel that good about the people you are swimming with, the job you're in, the group you're part of, the way you're living when you dig deep down and can be honest with yourself. There might not be anything dramatically wrong with your life, but just something a bit missing... that's being adrift.

The way to stop drifting in circles in not necessarily to install an outboard motor in your raft and head upstream. I think that might be going backward.  But maybe it's time to pick your flow and subtly adjust direction.  It's about picking a direction.  It's about finding your personal Flow. You don't need to pull other people into your Flow. Neither do you need to get caught up in the Flow of others.  There is lots of room in the river for everyone to pick their own way.

Capitalizing Flow  means you use the ease of the universe and the gifts that are offered to you to get you where you want to go.  But you aren't that inactive observer that drifts around in circles watching whatever comes up.  You set your sights on something, whatever makes you feel happy and good and right.  You actively look for what it is your want and once you see it, you set the course. Then you let go and enjoy the ride, confident that you're heading where you want to go. You might still meet up with rocks and logs, maybe you run a-ground on an island or two, but that doesn't mean you loose site of where you want to be going.  It means you keep steering.

It can be learned behavior to go with the flow instead of your Flow. That's what we learn when we give our toys away and decide we don't really need them anyway- no big deal.  We get rewarded for going with the flow and not ""rocking the boat".  (I'm not sure where all these nautical terms come from!!) We become good at avoiding conflict because it's easier, more peaceful.  We become observers not active participants and eventually we find ourselves adrift, not sure how we really got here and with no idea where we are going. But it's fairly warm and sunny, it's a smooth ride, maybe it's okay.... Hmm...

If you're ready to capitalize Flow, there are a few Bach Flower essences that might help you get there.  The most obvious ones are Agrimony and Wild Rose.

Agrimony types have learned to be observers and they are great at it.  They avoid conflict at all costs because they feel very uncomfortable there. I've written a lot about Agrimony. If you type "Agrimony" into the search box, you'll get them all but  is rather in keeping with the candy cane season. Agrimony types would much rather switch than fight and they are okay to follow someone else's direction or lead if it means the ride can be smooth. On the surface they are pretty happy people.  Often they are the jokers in the group, always ready with a friendly smile and a good joke to turn the conversation to pleasant non-confrontational, happy topics. They can even seem to be leaders, as they lead everyone away from conflict towards harmony and the staus quo. But there is a restlessness to Agrimony types if they really really look inside. Some Agrimony types don't sleep well because in the "dead of night" they are plagued by the frustration of always being the observer, always giving up their toys, always going along with the flow.  They often have no idea what they would even want to change they have so lost their own Flow. I think North Node in Leo people might really resonate with Agrimony. A few drops of Agrimony over the course of time can help you find your capital Flow. It can help you dig deep down to discover what it is that makes you excited, challenged, happy, and on course.  It might help you find that Inner Child that really wants to let loose. 

It is not easy to capitalize Flow. It is easy once you find your Flow, but getting out of the general flow into your personal Flow can be a challenge. Once you've accepted the idea that you aren't in Flow, you might need some Wild Rose to motivate you to steer your course a little different. Wild Rose might be the essence for you if you're able to convince yourself that although things aren't ideal, they are okay. You are resigned to flow and unmotivated to accept the effort to find your personal Flow. It isn't a sense of depression so much as a sense of resignation that signifies a Wild Rose state.  If a piece of you, most likely that little kid in you, is nudging you to find your Flow, find your passion, make a change, Wild Rose might help you accept the challenge.  Wild Rose can help you accept responsibility for making the change to finding personal Flow. Wild Rose can help you realize that you do have the ability, and responsibility, to set your course.

Never mind "gone fishin", I'm "gone rafting"- all by myself!

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