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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Red Lights on Black Friday

So tomorrow is Black Friday in the United States.  It would be hard to miss that fact given the advertisements and marketing around this shopping event.  In fact, for the first time ever, Black Friday seems to have swept into Canada and we are apparently having a "Black Friday" as well, even though it isn't a holiday, we celebrated Thanksgiving a month ago, and Christmas is still a month away!

I wrote about Black Friday last year. I re-read that post and think I probably need a few of the Bach Flowers I mentioned now that this black fever is spreading northward!! I think Canadians in general might benefit from a few of the essences.

Make no mistake. I can be very easily distracted.  Buzzes, pings, chirpy sounds and ,heaven forbid, flashing red lights and my focus is gone from the task at hand.  So it was hard to work today.  My Blackberry, delivers all these distractions all at once. And today, it was going off like crazy.

I like technology.   I'm pretty affectionately attached to my electronic device.  It makes life freer for me.  I get a lot of good news from this little critter.  I've received great work contracts through incoming messages. I get newsy, funny and inspirational messages from friends. I keep in touch with clients, and on occasion I've maintained a life-line to family members from this device.  I've even found teenagers from the deep dark depths of a mall this way- otherwise I'd still be looking for them!  But today I got hammered with telemarketing through my device.  It would seem every corporation that I have even been a part of, shopped at, looked at, browsed through, or thought about, sent me a message today on how I could capitalize on a Black Friday "deal".  Seriously????

I wrote in the previous year's post about the significance of the color black. But today, I realize that perhaps coincidentally, my blackberry is actually red. And the little light that flashes on it, distracting my attention and calling me like a beckon is definately red. That got me thinking.... (I warned you I was easily distracted).

What I got thinking about, is that Black Friday puts retailers and corporations in the black.  And perhaps they do that by encouraging me to go into the red? Red is a great color, just not really welcomed on a personal financial spreadsheet. Hmm....

Red resonates with the root chakra. This chakra is focused on safety and survival. When this chakra is balanced we feel strongly grounded, secure in the knowledge that we are taken care of, part of a group, strong enough to survive and thrive. We know we have the basics we need and from this perspective we can reach up to higher levels of thought and purpose. When the Root Chakra is unbalanced we can feel overly concerned about materialistic things.  We can get caught up in the fears of lack and the frenzy of a "great deal".

From my distracted mind it occurs to me that my survival is probably not based on having the latest and greatest technological device, the newest gadget, the most fashionable clothes, the latest bestseller, or the "perfect deal". Perhaps I would be better off ignoring some of those incoming marketing suggestions.  Maybe I should get my fingers away from the surf board of key strokes and put my feel in a pair of red sneakers and go for a nice long walk instead.

That might not be in the "spirit " of Black Friday from a retail point of view.  But from my point of view I think it just might keep me secure under a black cloak of protection while the red lights flash away without me.

This all may be a moot point on Black Friday anyway. reports a high probability of geomagnetic storms on November 23rd.  That could just knock out some of those electronic devices.  And with everyone using credit, debit machines and computer links, there's a good chance it could come crashing down anyway.  So I'll post this message the night before Black Friday. Tomorrow I will "walk away" from all marketing gimicks and "deals".

May your finances be in the black, your shoes red, your cookies be ginger, and your heart light!

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