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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon in Gemini

Maybe one of the reasons why I started this blog, way back when, was so that I would actually "get" the cyclical nature of well.. nature!  It's taken me awhile, but I'm starting to catch on!

Tonight the Full Moon is in Gemini.  I wrote about this last year. 

Although last year's full moon was on Dec. 10th, the rest of the information applies.  The New Moon this phase was in Sagittarius and just like last year's Full Gemini moon, this one too is a Lunar Eclipse.

So it's about communication.  If you, like me, are working on Capitalizing Flow, this focused energy on communication may be just want you need to let others know where you're heading. Or maybe, just maybe, it will help you communicate with self. Hmm...

Perhaps the full moon energy that encourages us to slow down and reflect a bit is really suggesting we look at the reflection in the mirror and ask it where we really want to be headed.  Maybe it's time to communicate with that Inner Child and see what dreams and aspirations we might have tossed aside a bit as we got caught up in the flow of others, or were floating adrift a bit.

Maybe nature keeps repeating the cycle as an opportunity for us to jump on board and if we miss it one time we have the assurance the opportunity will come back again, and again, and again.

So here's to personal communication, communication with your inner self, your higher self, you inner child or "all of the above".

If you want more information on the full moon, go back and read last year's post.  I highlighted some Bach Flower remedies I think may apply to this particular energy.  I believe they still apply this year.

I guess when patterns are repeated, like the Full Moon cycles, it's an opportunity for change and improvement as well.  So.. this year, I actually spelled "Gemini" right!  Maybe that will enhance my communication with others as well!

Cheers to the reflection you see in the mirror!

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