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Monday, November 12, 2012

Strength for Change

Photo courtesy of Liz Corbett

It seems to me that Oak trees are making their presence known in a big way.  I wrote about Knobbley the Oak tree a few weeks ago. 

Then, a few days ago, a friend sent me information on yet another amazing Oak tree story.  This tree is the Ghirardi Compton Oak.  It's 56 feet tall, has a canopy over 100 feet wide, and is 135 inches around.  It has been growing in the same place for over a hundred years. 

But times change and the people of Compton embarked on a road widening project. The project would enhance the community, but threatened the oak tree that was growing in the way of progress. Here's where the story gets great.  Rather than cut down a sacred part of their community, they took on a month long project to safely relocate a 518, 000 pound tree!  You can watch the process at
It's worth watching in my opinion.  I found it really quite moving.  It seems as though the Oak is waving as it goes on it's journey safe and secure in the knowledge that a lot of time, effort, and love is being put into this change.

I believe there is change going on for everyone right now. And change isn't always very comfortable.  It can't be easy to have your space invaded, your roots dug up and exposed as you find yourself being dragged away from where you've called home for over a hundred years. And even though you may find yourself not that far away from where you began, surely the view is different. 

It occurred to me as I watched the video that one of the reasons it was even possible to relocate this Oak was because the Oak tree grows massive roots but they aren't anchored that deep.  This tree is more about spreading itself out on the surface, searching for new water and soil sources. 

The Bach essence Oak, is helpful when you are feeling hollow at the core.  It's useful when you have spread your roots and branches so far, you've sort of lost yourself in the centre.  But the positive attribute of Oak is a very solid, strong person. Oak people are often the mainstay of their family or working group, just like Knobbley and the Compton Oak are a central focus for of their communities. Oak people possess enormous endurance, persistence, patience and energy. 

That's the kind of inner strength you need when under going change. I hope someone gave the Oak tree a bit of Walnut before, during and after the move. Even strong people with solid cores could benefit from some Walnut during these times of change. Walnut provides some protection from outside influences and helps us adapt to changing ideas, atmospheres, and world views. Hmm...

So, some Oak to maintain your inner strength, some Walnut for protection from change and you might be able to make the journey smoothly.  But...  I think I would want to add some Water Violet to that mix.

Strong people (and trees) that are used to doing things for themselves and everyone around them for hundreds of years just might get a little proud.  I guess if you've seen all those changes, weathered all those storms, and are just a little tired of all the shifting, you might start to feel a little anti-social.  Maybe during changing atmospheres you'd rather withdraw, cope on your own, resist any outside help.

That Comptom Oak tree seems to be waving as it's carried along. It has a lot of help.  It' has people watering it's roots, it's being both pushed and pulled, it's got people directing the process, looking out for branches and bumps along the road.

So, I'd want to add some Water Violet to the "Strength for Change" mixture. It helps you allow others to help along the way. It encourages you to lean on others that have leaned on you by times.  Water Violet helps you create warmer relationships that encourage "give and take" during tough changing times.

It isn't always right to leave things exactly the way they have always been I don't think.  Change is often good, great even.  It's a natural part of growth and evolution. And it often happens whether you like it or not!  So if you're having difficulty with the change maybe you could use a little help along the way.

If you'd like a bottle of "Strength for Change" Bach flowers, visit my website  or send me an email .  It's going to be part of my changing website and a Fall Special.  You can get a copy of Sweet Shack & Bach Bar, and a bottle of "Strength for Change" for $25.00 this month. That's my contribution to the change effort.

"The only constant is change".

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