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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Allowing instead of Forcing Change : Bach Flower Essence Vervain

There is a lot going on in the external world these days and a lot of actions are being driven by political forces. Perhaps that's always the case, but it seems very evident during recent events. Coincidentally, it is said that a lot of "political types" may be Vervain souls in terms of Bach Flower essence therapy.

Vervain people often have a desire to leave a lasting mark on the world. Vervain types are strong-willed and directed. They know what they want to do and they often insist the rest of the world should convert to their way of thinking. If Vervain people find themselves in a new situation, or a new group of people, they very quickly establish themselves as leaders. They will always have an opinion on daily affairs.

Like Agrimony, Vervain has a sense of dissatisfaction with the world around him. For Agrimony types, this dissatisfaction is focused inward, but for Vervain it is focused on the external world. Vervain looks to the outside world and others as the cause for their dissatisfaction. They will push at the external form of things in order to achieve satisfaction and balance.

When you are in a Vervain state, you are burning with enthusiasm and you long to do big things. This enthusiasm is however, sometimes pushed to the extreme and you want the results as soon as you start. Vervain people often have great knowledge and experience. Some believe this link to the past is through family and karma and perhaps a sense of coming into life with a clear view of how things should be. This advanced knowledge is a gift, but it can also be a curse, unless it is tempered with the idea that great things are attained without stress and hurry.

Often we view this type of dissatisfaction as a sign of impatience, and mis-diagnose ourselves as needing some of the Bach Flower essence Impatiens. But the Vervain type sees and recognizes the irritation, tensio,n and self-stressing as a mind-set, an idea that we have about ourselves and others. For Impatiens types, the feelings are linked to emotions, for Vervain, similar feelings are linked to mental outlooks. Rather than try to change their feelings, Vervain types channel their tension into schemes and create environments where they are the dominant force. Impatiens will often retreat inward when under stress, attempting to do things on their own rather than wait for others to catch up. Vervains will try to force and control other people to see to their way of thinking. They control by trying to change people's minds- that "political" force of will.

If you are finding that your enthusiasm is making you strict with others and you are trying to force people to see to your opinion, and are becoming impatient when they don't follow, Vervain may be the Bach Flower essence for you.

Vervain types have a tendency to push themselves beyond their physical limits and they may attempt to take others there as well! Their minds race ahead of events and they may take on too much work and attempt unrealistic multi-tasking- all in a effort to acheive instant results. This active mind can lead to lack of sleep and an inability, or unwillingness, to relax.

Vervain types are strong personalities. When balanced, they make wonderful leaders and they do cause great change. Vervain types are sensitive to injustice and dedicated to causes. When balanced, the Vervain person is calm, wise, and tolerant of others. This tolerance allows them to relax and allow the change to come in slow but steady ways. When balanced, the Vervain person can hold strong views, but they are also able to change those views when it is appropriate to do so. They don't have a need to impose their opinions on others, but can take a broader view of life and events.

In "Bach Flower Remedies:Form and Function", Julian Barnard describes the Bach flower (today's picture) as looking like tiny little stars of light or explosions of energy which combine to create concept and purpose. The challenge for the Vervain person, like the plant, is to channel all the overgrown foliage into small but beautiful flowers. The lesson is to understand that small flowers come from great strength.

Perhaps the main lesson for Vervain types is do things gently, without strain, stress, and explsions! It may be necessary for Vervain types to take a step back and look at the overall big picture, focusing on the journey as much as the destination.

Dr. Bach wrote that when balanced, Vervain types understand: "It is by being, rather than doing, that great things are accomplished".

If you're finding that thought hard to remember and hold on to, try a few drops of Vervain, relax, and allow the big picture to unfold. Perhaps it's your mind set that needs to change as much as that of the external world.


  1. Great post and very pertinent. I posted your link on my facebook page...I know some folks who could benefit from this... (including me!)I used to be a big Bach flower person but kind of got away from it. However, it seems to be popping up around me again.

  2. I have a strong Vervain trait, and have to watch myself not to march around like a military marche. lol. Vervain tells me how to walk gently.