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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coping with Fear: Alternative Remedies

I think it is pretty difficult these days to not be, to some degree, affected by an aspect of fear. The magnitude and reason for the fear may vary depending on where you are in the world, where your friends and relatives are, your focus and reliance on outside resources, your occupation,how much news footage you watch, and your general perspective or outlook on the world. But there aren't many arenas that are left untouched by an element of fear.

When Dr. Bach developed the Bach Flower remedies, he placed the remedies in a series of categories. One of those categories if fear. Within the subset of fear, there are five different essences that may be helpful, depending on the nature of your concern. These essences include; Cherry Plum, Red Chestnut, Rock Rose, Mimulus, and Aspen.

Today's picture is of the Cherry Plum flower. This remedy is indicated when you fear loosing control. No question, world events these days are signifying a loss of human control over nature. Not that we ever had control over nature; but this fact seems to be blatantly obvious these days. Cherry Plum helps when you fear you may loose control of your emotions. This is for people that are on the verge of a mental breakdown. I have no doubt there must be a lot of people who feel this right now. If you are close to the action of devastation, or part of the ripple effect, it would seem that deep despair and a sense that you were loosing control of your sanity could be a prevalent emotion. Cherry Plum can help calm your mind and allow you to act rationally. Cherry Plum can help balance feelings of rage, violent impulses, and hysteria. Cherry Plum may help channel explosive outbursts into purposeful, helpful action.

Red Chestnut is the Bach Flower essence that is helpful if your fear is caused by an over concern or worry for others. If you have friends and relatives in an affected area, or feel attached in some way to the welfare of others, this worry can become quite overwhelming, particularly when there is such cause for concern right now. If you are responsible for others that have preexisting conditions, or occupations that might place them at a greater risk for harm, a lot of the information about radiation exposure, aftershocks, and economic fall-outs, may be taking you past the tipping point of anxiety. Red Chestnut is indicated if you are worrying about the problems of other people. It's pretty hard not to be worried about others right now and I think, to some degree, society teaches us that we should be worried about others; we should feel their pain. Red Chestnut, however, can help balance worry and anxiety into compassion. Red Chestnut can help you remain strong, radiating thoughts of health and courage to help those who need this. Red Chestnut can help you remain mentally and physically strong so you can be calm in emergencies and able to help if called on. It can also help you hold back from forcing help on others that don't need or want it.

Rock Rose is the Bach Flower essence that is indicated if your fear is most accurately described as terror. Rock Rose is recommended when you are under an acute threat such as a natural disaster. That describes a lot people at this moment, as people remain under threat from aftershocks and nuclear emergencies. If you have been watching live footage of the earthquake, tsunami or nuclear crisis, you may be experiencing this type of terror from a bystanders/near escape point of view and Rock Rose may be helpful. People who need Rock Rose are often frozen in fear. They are helpless to do anything as the fear immobilizes them. Taking Rock Rose can help you maintain courage and presence of mind. It can help calm you so that you can act appropriately, instead of being held in a state of inaction.

Mimulus is considered to be the Bach Flower essence indicated for known fears. There is a Mimulus "type". This type of person suffers from fears they can easily name. They are often shy and retiring and may be known for characteristics such as blushing easily, stammering, or nervous laughter. If it is within your general nature to be somewhat fearful, you have a treasure trove of subjects to escalate this fear these days. Mimulus may be helpful for children that have been exposed to media reports or conversations about conditions and concerns in parts of the world. They may have picked up on a specific fact and be afraid they could suddenly be evacuated, swept away by waves, have loved ones die, become homeless,hungry, or poverty stricken due to market crashes. Children don't watch and listen to events with the same filters that adults have. It's a good time to talk very openly to children, limit their exposure, and perhaps provide Mimulus.

In contrast to Mimulus, which is indicated for fears you can name, Dr. Bach developed the Aspen essence for fears of unknown origin. Aspen is recommended when you feel sudden fears, worries or concerns without being able to pinpoint any real cause or specific reason. Aspen is for that unexplained anxiety, or fear of impending doom. For sensitive people, and many people are becoming more and more sensitive in their abilities to "tune in" to others, global events of the magnitude we are experiencing right now can cause this fear of unknown origin. Sensitive people often "pick up" on the general sense of fear in the world at large and carry around this fear as a weight they can't explain. Aspen can help you recognize you may have tapped into someone else's emergency, allowing you to maintain a sense of inner peace assured of your own security.

The Perelandra essence Emergency Trauma Solution(ETS) Plus, may also be helpful, particularly if the Aspen type fear resonates with you. ETS Plus is created from electrical imprints or infusions from 153 different plants, minerals, and elements found in nature. ETS is taken as drops, similarly to Bach Flower essences. Like Bach Flower essences, the imprints of the ingredients are allowed to help your body restore balance. Perelandra works on electrical, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels to help your body heal itself and adjust to changing environments.

The world is shifting, and we are all adjusting to a multitude of changes and conditions. It's hard not to feel some fear with so much of the world changing in such dramatic ways. At Pixie Dust Healing, we don't' believe you have to understand it all. But sometimes, we could all use some help to restore our faith and trust. If fear is taking you out of your comfort zone and leaving you off balance, consider the help that's available to you to adjust your balance and find solid footing once again.

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