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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Homeopathic & Alternative Help for Toothache/extraction

It would seem, as a species,we are wise enough already, without often needing those pesky wisdom teeth at the back of your jaw. That means, for a lot people, a rather painful process of extraction, to remove the teeth in order to prevent pain and complications. If you find yourself lined up on the list, waiting to get those teeth out, you might want to consider stocking up on some homeopathic remedies to ease you through the process.

Arnica Montana is the number one first aid remedy. Arnica promotes healing, controls bleeding, reduces swelling and can help prevent infection from forming. It is always the first remedy to think of after an injury and should also be the first to think of after dental work. People that really respond well to Arnica often deny they are even hurt in the first place. They typically "just want to be left alone". If this sounds like your patient, make sure they have taken Arnica before they "crawl to the cave". Arnica will help after any dental procedure and you don't have to be in extreme pain before taking it. The sooner you take it after the manipulation, the better as it can help reduce the swelling which is part of the cause of the pain in the first place. It will also help reduce "chipmunk cheeks" and bruising. If you can get Arnica in the 200CH format this is ideal. 30CH will also work fine or any and all remedies in a first aid application.

Nux Vomica is a common remedy for stomach complaints. It can make a world of difference for some people in relieving travel sickness. It is produced from the plant Quaker buttons, also known as "poison nut". The plant itself, is poisonous and can cause vomiting if ingested. Hence, in homeopathic tradition, it is used to relieve vomiting. In the homeopathic preparation the remedy is no longer poisionous. Nux Vomica can also help after a tooth filling or extraction. It is particularly indicated if the person feels better for having external warmth (like a hot water bottle), pressed up again the irritated side of the face. If a hot water bottle (wrapped in a towel) and applied to the side of the face is helpful, try taking Nux Vomica as well.

Another helpful remedy to have on hand, and even take prior to the tooth manipulation, is Hypericum Perfoliatum. This is an essential component to any homeopathic first aid kit. Hypericum, is made from St. John's wort. This plant is common to herbal medicine as well. Hypericum is the first homeopathic remedy to reach for if you have an injury to a nerve-rich area of the body. This is the typical "slam your finger in the car door" relief! For pains that shoot along the course of the wounded nerves, or for injuries that are sensitive to touch or pressure, Hypericum can be the answer. Post dental work, it is a good idea to take Hypericum before the freezing is out, and keep taking the remedy every few minutes if the pain continues. Hypericum is indicated for any type of surgery where nerves are cut and painful or you feel frayed or sore. It is perfect for post root canals, gum work, and extractions.

Homeopathics really benefit most if they are closely matched to the presenting symptoms and the persons overall personality. For this reason, there are a wide variety of remedies that might be helpful for you to recover from dental work. The above remedies are however, likely to promote healing and pain relief for most people, regardless of the specifics of their complaints.

The Bach Flower essence combination, Rescue Remedy, can be very helpful before you walk in to the dentists office, especially if you are nervous, uptight and stressed about the procedure in the first place. And let's be honest, not too many people are really relaxed and looking forward to that dental chair are they? The Perelenadra essence, Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) Plus, is also recommended for the type of shock the body experiences when undergoing dental work. It can be given, like Rescue Remedy, in drop form prior to, and after, the procedure. Both of these essences may be as helpful for the care-giver as they are for the patient. So, if you find yourself in the waiting room, a little uptight, impatient, and concerned, consider using some of this yourself.

Finally, colloidal silver is another option for the dental patient. You can rinse the mouth out with colloidal silver just as you might with warm water and salt. You can even add the colloidal silver to the warm water and salt mixture if you choose. Colloidal silver can help treat any infection that may be lurking in your mouth. You can also drink the colloidal silver to help with any infection that may have traveled thoughout your body from the released tooth.

So, if you find yourself heading to the dentist's chair, a trip to the health food store beforehand to stock up on some basic supplies might go a long way to your healing process. Most of all- be kind to yourself. Dental work takes a significant toll on the body and should be respected. Help your body engage it's own natural healing processes by allowing some time to relax, sleep. You'll find time invested in the healing process is well spent!

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