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Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour & Internal versus External Power

Tonight, March 26th at 8:30 pm it is Earth Hour. This is a global initiative for everyone to turn down their use of electricity and shut off the lights. The first Earth Hour started in 2007 in Sydney Australia as an effort to take a stand against climate change. By 2008, it had become a global sustainability movement and it continues to grow in popularity and increase awareness on a number of issues every year. For more information on Earth Hour, the official website is

In a Freudian slip the other day, I mentioned to someone how I had a moment when the "light bulb went off" for me. I meant I had suddenly gained awareness on something, but the real expression of course is the "light bulb went ON". I am still thinking about that slip of the tongue days later however, and realize maybe it wasn't a slip at all.

The light bulb represents external illumination. It seems to me we have "harnessed electricity" in an effort to override nature. Having a light bulb handy to turn on means you can work, read, enjoy activities that you otherwise might not be able to do if you were relying on untamed nature. Before light bulbs, it was candles and lanterns, but maybe if you had to refill that lantern or were responsible for making the candles you thought a bit more about shutting down for the night and finishing that book in the light of day instead! I guess most of us are pretty distanced from our external source of illumination and don't think about what we are doing- hence the philosophy of earth hour really.

But back to my slip of the tongue. What had occurred for me, was not that someone else had explained a concept to me. I hadn't read about a new strategy or observed something that made things clearer for me. I had gained internal insight that suddenly gave me an idea or thought that presented a solution to a previous problem. Really, it was because the light bulb went off, that I gained insight. I allowed insight to come from within. I shut off the overwhelming sources of information and things became clear to me.

I think it is when you shut down external sources of power that you often acquire true knowledge. That's when you find the information that you need for yourself- it comes from within and from that inner source it is pure and powerful.

I'm not suggesting that electricity, information, or exchange of ideas is bad or should be shut off at all times. What I am suggesting is that it might help to consider the source a bit more than we do. I'm also suggesting that by turning off external forces you may get more connected to your own power. You might find your inner knowing has the answers and insight you're looking for. Rather than always controlling, over-riding, and harnessing nature, we should look at it closer and work with it. Perhaps when the sun goes down we should stop working so hard, ease up a bit and relax with ourselves, content in our thoughts.

As Earth Hour 2011 approaches I realize a lot of people throughout the world will be observing it without conscious intent, as millions remain without power sources due to natural disasters and recent world-wide events. I wish them speedy recovery. I also imagine they are acquiring a lot of inner knowing, insight and finding great sources of strength from within.

So I believe that we should expand the concept of earth hour a bit. When the light bulb goes off- consider what power you may have within and observe what comes to you naturally.

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