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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Getting Started with Homeopathy through Cell Salts

The world of homeopathy can be a pretty big and confusing place. The "Materia Media", considered the "bible" for homeopathy, lists all the possible remedies and the signs and symptoms they are indicated for. It's about 2000 pages of very small print and you really have to be taught the art of searching through it for it to be very useful. It's more a "practitioner's bible" than helpful for the person that wants to try a few remedies in a self-help mode. Miranda Castro in, "The Complete Homeopathy Handbook", whittles things down to a workable form, but it can still be rather intimidating. Internet search engines make life a lot easier for things like this, and you can type in your symptoms or a condition with the word homeopathy and probably find a good place to start.

Another option is to consider approaching self-help by first looking at Cell Salts or Tissue Salts. Cell Salts are minerals that naturally occur in the body, prepared in homeopathic form. Some people like this approach better than overall homeopathy because none of the cell salt remedies are derived from potential poisons, like aresenicum or belledona, that scare some people. Personally, arsenicum and belledona are a couple of my favorite homeopathics, but I understand they can seem intimidating to start with.

Although all homeopathics use tissue or cell salts, some practitioners just use the tissue salts in their practices. There are 12 Essential Cell Salts. These include 3 different types of calcium, iron, 3 forms of potassium, magnesium, 3 types of sodium, and silica. Cell salts are prepared by first grinding the minerals into a fine sugar. The sugar is then diluted in the traditional homeopathic preparation format. In this diluted form, the minerals can be absorbed by the tissues of the body either internally, when ingested as tablets or in liquid, or externally when used as salves or creams applied to the skin. Unlike vitamin or supplement therapy, and in keeping with homeopathic practices, the diluted forms of the cell salts encourage your body to re-balance inself rather than simply replace what you might be mising.

The theory of tissue salt healing is that all bodily functions are influenced on a cellular level by these essential minerals and that deficiencies in these minerals contribute to disease. Some Cell salt practitioners use facial diagnosis to identify which minerals the person is lacking. They believe the absence of the minerals can be evidenced by subtle differences in the person's face. The texture or color of the skin, puffiness,dryness, or lines, are all used to identify the deficiency.

While there are subtle differences between the 3 forms of calcium (calcium fluoride, calcium phosphate and calcium sulphate),they are all used to repair bones, tissue support and digestion issues. Iron is required for oxygenating the blood, for appropriate levels of hemoglobin and for strength in arteries and veins. The 3 forms of potassium ( potassium chloride, potassium phosphate, and potassium sulphate) are used for nerve and brain function, mucus problems (such as sinus headaches), and problems with the skin. Magnesium is helpful for all types of pain as well as muscle spasms. The 3 forms of sodium (sodium chloride, sodium phosphate, and sodium sulphate) are helpful for digestive conditions, maintaining appropriate water balance, and for conditions related to body acidity. Silica is used for conditions related to bones, hair, skin and connective tissue.

The 12 Cell Salts are readily available and can be used separately or in combination without fears of toxicity. They are safe for all ages, can be used when pregnant, and combined with other medications or natural therapies. Cell salts can be used for animals as well as people.

Most people take the cell salts by dropping tablets directly into the mouth allowing them to dissolve rather than swallowing. The range of dosage is anywhere from 2 to 20tablets, 1 to 3 times daily. The tablets can also be dissolved in water and sipped throughout the day. Gel, cream, oil, lotion and spray preparations are available for most of the tissue salts, and in various combinations as well.

So.. if you want to try homeopathy or alternative approaches to healing, an easy way to start is to purchase the 12 essential Cell Salts, and a basic book on their use. All the cell salts and a number of good basic books, can be found in most health food stores. By limiting your choice of remedies to 12 instead of thousands, you can get yourself started on a path to self-diagnosis and healing. When trying the cell salts, like all natural healing- be patient! The longer it has taken for you to develop a condition, the longer it is likely to take to heal it. Many of the tissue salts are used in First Aid applications- check out my First Aid Guide at It's a free download. When using the cell salts in first aid applications you may see very quick results but most healing takes time. You will, however, find it to be time well spent!

Enjoy the freedom of self-healing and see where it takes you!

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