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Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Moon Phase

Last night was a new moon. It seems as though we don't pay as much attention to the new moon as we do a full moon. Perhaps that's because we tend to focus on what we can see, versus what we can't see. Typically, you don't see the new moon, you just trust that it's there. Maybe we should pay more attention.

The new moon means a fresh lunar cycle has begun and that means new beginnings. It's a chance to start off again, perhaps in a slightly different path. According to astrology, this new moon is in Pisces. This means we may be inspired by the dreamy nature of Pisces. You may find your heart opened up a bit. You may even be able to let go of past grievances and conflicts.

Pisces is a sign of extremes. This means you may feel some swings between mystical highs and deeps lows. If this is the case, consider the Bach Flower Sceleranthus as discussed in the earlier post (Moon swings, indecision and Scleranthus). If you need some support through this heart opening and letting go of the past, consider the Bach flower Holly. Walnut may also help you adjust to changes and Wild Oat might support you in finding a new path to walk. The moon in Pisces also opens up your perceptions a bit and you may be able to see beyond your ordinary reality. You may find new solutions for problems and renewed inspiration. Dreams can be heightened during this phase of the moon and may provide insight as to the real picture. You dreams can be great gifts.

The new moon in Pisces also signifies a good time for healing to occur. It is about new beginnings and inspiration and this can be brought into the physical world with a bit of work and focus.

If you are still feeling as though these are pretty intense times, you are right! Apparently, according to astrological influences, there is a somewhat uncommon grouping of planets that are mingling in Pisces at the moment. This is said to intensify emotions. It is a good time to reflect or discover your true self and inner purpose. It's also a good time for socializing, networking and finding groups that have similar thoughts and interests as you do.

So maybe the new moon signifies a chance to move out of the "hermit mode" that a lot of people have been experiencing. Perhaps it's no coincidence that this new moon in Pisces phase, seems to be lined up with the first suggestion of spring and will be followed by Spring Equinox. It is a time for new beginnings. Relax, allow, and enjoy, seem to be the words to live by.

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