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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hornbeam for Monday Morning Feelings

A friend of mine sees the days of the week in colors. Something she always took for granted but never really talked about until she read a book where someone else described the same thing. I wonder how many other concepts we could expand if we talked more freely? Anyway, I like the color of the day concept. For her at least, Monday is blue. Hmm...

The Bach Flower essence Hornbeam is described as the essence for the "monday morning feeling". It's helpful for that sense of not wanting to get out of bed to face the day. People who respond to Hornbeam are often capable and get everything done but they lack enthusiam and may procrastinte getting started. Sleep may not be refreshing. If you feel you are suffering from overwork or a sense of staleness, a lack of variety in your life, Hornbeam may be helpful. It can help restore vitality so you feel life is enjoyble again.

The color blue also represents the 5th or throat chakra. So maybe today is a good day to communicate with others- to say what is really in your heart.

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