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Friday, June 3, 2011

Alternative First Aid for Abrasions

I didn't drop into another dimension although it's been awhile since I posted on my blog. In much less dramatic an incident, I injured my hand and haven't been able to type as a result. I'm back at it again, and figured I'd share my treatment regime for the injury.

First of all, from a prevention point of view- this injury could have been avoided. I was leading a horse when she spooked and jumped. Instead of letting go I tried to hold on to the rope- even while it shredded the skin on my hand. I guess I often am presented with evidence to suggest I should "let go" of the misguided effort to control. This time the evidence was a pretty impressive abrasion/friction burn to my hand.

Abrasion, like "road rash" hurts like heck because nerve endings are exposed. Abrasions and burns are also prone to infection because of the easy route for bacteria to a suddenly unprotected area. Today's picture isn't my hand injury but it's pretty reflective of what an abrasion injury can look like.

Here's my alternative treatment protocol which seems to have worked very well for me and the injury is healing in record time.

1. Perelandra ETS or Rescue Remedy ( I used ETS). Did I mention this type of injury hurts like heck!!! That type of pain/shock/surprise and insult is what both ETS and Rescue Remedy are designed for. Once you can get past that initial reaction you can start to figure out what to do to treat yourself.

2. Colloidal silver. I submerged my entire hand in a bowl of colloidal silver. The silver will clean the wound. It also felt really good as long as I kept it submerged. Exposed to the air it stung like crazy, in the silver it felt very soothed. Once it had soaked for a bit, the pieces of rope fiber came off and the whole thing looked a lot better. I am still soaking it in colloidal silver once a day and will continue for a week or so.

3. Arnica. I took Arnica 30CH (8 globules) about every 5 minutes for the first hour. I continued taking this dose once every hour for 4 hours and then 4 times a day for 1 day. I would have taken 200CH if I had them on hand- I didn't. I thought I would wake up the first morning to a totally swollen hand. I had no swelling at all and I attribute this to the arnica as I've seen it work like that before.

4. Hypericum. I would have taken Hypericum in the same dosage as the Arnica if I had some in the house and I know it would have done wonders for the pain!! This is exactly the type of injury hypericum is perfect for. Are you sensing a theme here- my personal first aid kit was not well stocked! I took Magnesium phosphate instead for the pain. It's a good runner up but not my first choice for this type of injury.

5.Hypericum salve. Because I didn't have the globules and because I did have hypericum cream, once I had finished soaking the injury I applied this cream. It really soothed the pain. This salve is thick and sticky and feels and smells like tree sap. It's also kind of yellowish once applied so it makes things look bad. It's good for increasing the sympathy factor! The first day of the injury I re-applied the cream and then covered with bandaging to keep the area clean.

6. Calendula cream. After the first day, my hand wasn't hurting much anymore but was still really open to infection. I kept soaking in colloidal silver at night and in the morning I applied calendula cream and covered with bandaging to prevent infection.

7. Perelandra: Tomato; Zucchini; Soul Ray # 2. Once I had my wits about me a bit, I used kinesiology to figure out which perelandra essence might be helpful. For more information on Kinesiology go to this earlier post
These were the ones that were indicated. I took one drop of each. The tomato is probably pretty universal as it's indicated for cleansing and helps you to resist disease, or in this case infection. Zucchini is indicated to help restore physical strength during convalescence so makes sense as well. Soul Ray # 2 is indicated for balancing the sensory system and supports the full expanded system as it functions as a unit.

So four days later I'm really amazed at the power of the body to heal. By the way, about three seconds after her initial "jump and bolt reaction", the horse was, and remains, perfectly fine!!!

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