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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bullying: There's a Bach Flower for that!!

I was still thinking of the energy vampires from yesterdays' blog and that led to consider the concept bullying and how it too seems to be a very big part of pop culture now. A lot of celebrities are focused on the problem and they seem to be talking about and bringing awareness to the seriousness and prevalence of the issues.

There are also anti-bullying programs everywhere. Seems they are even targeted to specific audiences. You can find incidence of workplace as well as school bullying. There are programs designed specifically to combat gay bullying as well. Rosalind Wisemand has created some interesting curriculum that focus on bullying for girls and her book (picture on today's blog) "Queen Bees Wannabes" is an excellent read particularly if you have a teenage daughter, are a teenage girl, have ever been a teenage girl, or ever knew a teenage girl! It seems the problem exists across cultures and in every facet of present day life.

I'm sure my friends are pretty tired of hearing me say "there is a Bach flower essence for that", every time they bring up a problem centered around emotions, but honestly... there is a Bach flower for every emotion and it seems that most problems in some way or another cycle back to our emotions and how we feel about the issue.

I have been treating some young clients that have been victims of bullying. In some cases, Larch helps to boost confidence and self esteem. Sometimes Mimulus or Rock Rose is helpful if there is a real fear or terror of going to school. Gorse is indicated if they see no hope for getting out of the situation and have given up trying, and Centaury and Willow can be indicated for the victim feeling.

But.. I am a big believer in getting to the root of a problem. The person or group that is doing the bullying is also evidence of emotions not in balance! And ... "there's a Bach for that!". Vine is the classic Bach Flower essence for people who tend to dominate and bully others. There is a positive balance of this attribute. When Vine people are balanced, they are determined without being controlling and are able to see the good in others so that they can encourage and guide without forcing. Balanced "Vine people" make great leaders, teachers, bosses and parents!

For more information on specific Bach Flower combinations, check out my website or email me.

Maybe if we treated both sides of the problem we could find the perfect balance for all. And that's all I think everyone wants in this life- balance.

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