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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon in Cancer

According to my "We'Moon 2011 Gaia Rhythms for Womyn" book, a present from Wise Woman, today the full moon is in Cancer. Apparently when this occurs our feelings become deeper, our moods stormy and vast and our sense of family is sharpened. Those born under a Cancer Moon are said to be very nurturing.

The moon is closely linked to the first and second chakras- the full moon in particular corresponds to the root chakra- to that sense of belonging to a tribe. The sense of safety and security.

The full moon in Cancer is also said to heighten creativity and feed the muse. For this reason,the next couple of days are good ones to "be with your muse", to receive inspiration and foster creativity and imagination- qualities that are often linked to the second chakra.

When the full moon is in Cancer, a lot of people feel like they want to "retreat to the cave" perhaps with family close by. The sensations of "retreat" are likely even more magnified in January - at least in my part of the world where we are experiencing winter weather and sometimes grey days. To recognize that your feelings may be linked to nature's full moon influence may be all that you need to do. Bring an awareness to your senses and your chakras and embrace the possibilities of creating something wonderful- like a comforting meal, a fantastic picture, home decoration- whatever your muse suggests. In my case it will be to write another chapter for my latest book...

If however, you can't just "crawl into the cave" because of influences of life and work and other activities, or the sensation of being alone is uncomfortable, the Bach flower essence Water Violet might be helpful. It can help you feel balanced enough to socialize and engage in relationships with others. If your creative muse is a bit too strong and you are finding yourself stuck in dreamland when you really need to be working, consider the Bach flower remedy Clematis. It can help balance your creativity with a healthy dose of reality and a sense of groundedness. It's also a good time to consider foods that match with your dosha and feed the first and second chakras. Those home backed ginger cookies might be the kind of creativity you crave!!

Whatever you choose to do- celebrate the full moon in Cancer and the opportunities it may bring. Embrace the moon!

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