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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Here! Sweet Shack & Bach Bar

Yipee! My latest book  arrived yesterday from the publisher, just in time for Winter Solstice and still in time for Christmas or as a start to the New Year.

Today's picture is the back cover of the book- the front cover is featured on the top right hand side of my blog site and you can order the book by clicking on that cover picture. 

This book is considered "creative non-fiction".  The characters in the book each go through some Chakra issues and find soothing relief from a Wise Woman bartender, the help of some Bach Flower essences and comfort food.  The characters do a bit of dimension shifting to get to the Sweet Shack and Bach Bar, Wise Woman has a bit of a unique method of delivering Bach Flower essences, and Merlin the cat has creative talents of the magical sort.

The Bach Flower essences are non-fiction and they can be "tried at home".  The recipes are easy (trust me on that one I know no other method of cooking!) and are designed to soothe each of the Chakras.
In my world, some of these recipes will be reproduced at Christmas to get us "through the season"!

If you've been reading my blog, you'll see lots of similarities between it and the book.  If you're new to the idea of Bach Flowers as a healing method you'll find this an easy guide to help self-diagnosis a bit. If you're just looking for an "easy read" during stressful times, I hope you'll find it in this book.  That's my intention. I think healing can be easy and fun and Wise Woman knowledge should be shared. There's a bonus at the back of the book too: a coupon to receive 15% off a personalized Bach consultation.

You can order the book directly from the publisher at   They will ship it off to you wherever "your world" is.

It is just starting to make the rounds of book stores and will be available through Chapters/Indigo/Coles both in stores and on-line soon. 

Here's what Jackie, from Flower Spirit and Essence of Wild, had to say about Sweet Shack & Bach Bar.  (She had a sneak preview)

'Sweet Shack & Bach Bar is a magical exploration of the Bach Flower Remedies told through modern day fairy tales that we can all relate to. Enter the enchanting world of Wise Woman and Merlin the black cat, a totem animal with a knack for giving people what they most need to give themselves.
Each of the women who enters the Sweet Shack and Bach Bar receives flower remedy healing while feasting on a delicious recipe that Wise Woman shares in the book so we can recreate her sweet treats at home.
Both students learning about the Bach Flower Remedies and people who have been using them for years will find a feast for the mind, body and soul in Sweet Shack and Bach Bar.  I’ve been supporting people with Bach Flower Remedies since 1999 and discovered new perspectives on using them from this book.'
Jackie Stewart |

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