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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Animal Signs: Duck

For the past couple of days it seems I have been seeing ducks everywhere I look.  This morning when I got an email picture of a mallard duck from a friend,  I figured it was time to look Duck up as an animal sign and see what's up.

In "Animal Spirit Guides", Steven Farmer writes that the appearance of a duck means it time to have fun and even get a little silly.  He suggests Duck symbolizes the time of turmoil has passed and one can release any pent-up emotions that might have been suppressed during tough times. Farmer goes on to suggest the appearance of a Mallard Duck in particular, means you should pursue any new idea that comes to you. It's time to develop and pursue it into manifestation.  Hmm....

Well, if you've been following along on this blog, this really makes sense as we move through the Full Moon into it's wanning phase.  It's been a pretty intense time of emotional turmoil under the Leo Moon Now maybe it's time to move out of that emotional intensity and take a break.  During that break from drama, perhaps we can move those projects along,  letting go of the feelings, concerns, and turmoil that might have been holding you back from acting on  and securing your goals.

I watched the ducks for awhile. It looks like it might be kind of fun to be a duck.  They didn't seem as busy or industrious as some other creatures.  They were kind of cruising around, going with the flow, talking to each other, not a whole lot of stress. I watched one guy in particular.  He kept walking out on the ice until he got to the very edge. When he got close to the open water he stopped. As his weight stayed there for a few minutes, the thin layer of ice gave way and next thing he knew he was floating along.  He kept doing this on different pieces of ice.  He seemed pretty independent in this enjoyment, and I believe he really was enjoying it. He didn't seem frustrated at the lack of support from the ice, it looked like a fun game.

I watched a few ducks float around seeming to be in a direct collision course with each other, but at the last second, one of them would veer off just a little bit,and they would end up in the same direction.  It too, looked like kind of an enjoyable game.

The smaller ones often seemed to tow behind the slipstream of the guys ahead, sometimes they crawled out of the water and had little naps on the ice.  They don't seem very worried about safety, the struggle for food, or basic survival.  It seems as though they as secure in the fact that they can get what they need and have some time to just float around enjoying the day as well. Hmm..

So it would seem to me that Duck energy really represents a balanced Root Chakra approach to life. Ducks seem to trust that their basic needs will be met and, having that sense of faith , they can relax and allow for some light-hearted fun. They don't buy into the idea that a storm is on it's way so they should hoard a bunch of food. They don't seem to be focused on  the drought of  past seasons when foot might have been a little lean.  They just take what comes and when a new game, a new swimming hole, or a particularly juicy bulrush stem floats into view, they are ready to take advantage of that.

In "Sweet Shack & Bach Bar", Samantha was experiencing some Root Chakra issues.  Wise Woman served her Rock Rose, Sweet Chestnut and Clematis.

If you are so terrified of past events or future issues that you can't find the time or ability to allow yourself  play time, Rock Rose might be helpful. I don't think the Ducks I was watching  were having any less survival issues than other creatures in the wild, they just don't seem that worried about them.  They accept the day for what it brings and so they make the time to play on the ice a bit, and venture towards the ledge, knowing that even if the ice gives way it's no big deal.  They can swim.

Sweet Chestnut speaks to Root Chakra issues as well.  We can get really caught up in issues and problems. We get all  twisted and knotted up  in the reasons why we can't do what we think we want to do. Our projects look too big, our goals too far out of reach, and our angst so great that we take ourselves to the limit of our endurance and beyond. Sweet Chestnut can help face problems with optimism and peace of mind. Perhaps if we took a few drops of Sweet Chestnut we could take a break from our own angst, go for a swim and see what the other side of the river looks like.

Duck energy is about the kind of productivity that comes when you are relaxed and in the moment. When you're open to new ideas and not panicked about where your next meal will come from, or not flying away in fear that stranger is out to get you, sometimes a few seeds or a bread crust or two just land on the rocks in front of you.

Ducks can fly away whenever they want to it would seem. But they are also skilled swimmers and great floaters. They seem pretty grounded. I wonder if some of them eat Clematis seeds?  Clematis is the Bach Flower that can help you bring those great ideas and projects into manifestation. Clematis helps bridge the gap between dreaming up what you want to do, and bringing those ideas into your reality. It provides the balance to get your thoughts on paper.

As I watched the ducks, a silly, goofy, children's book idea floated into my mind. It features flowery bathing hats, synchronized swim teams, and independent ducks with unique dreams. No big issues, no huge morals, just an easy float on a sunny day....


  1. Excellent observations on the Duck. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks for the positive feedback! And for reminding me to re-read this post and get cracking on that kids book!! :)

  3. I have been getting ducks in my back yard everyday for the past 4 weeks. It started with a male and female, then more males so we have had visits from 4 in total.It is a joy to watch them even though they don't do much! I have pulled out my sketchbook and done some quick sketches so I can use these in some project or other that I will develop.
    Thanks for sharing, I maybe need to get some clematis.