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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year Day & Waxing Moon in Gemini

Good thing we had a snow day yesterday to calm everything done a little and restore energy and sense of self. All that might be required for today it would seem.  Today is February 29th and therefore a Leap Year Day. It also, according to We'Moon 2012, marks the Waxing Moon in Gemini.  Lots of "stuff" floating around out there today.

The whole leap year "thing" seems more than a little confusing and quite analytical. The theory of it all in brief, is that it takes just a little bit longer than 365 days for the earth to make it all the way around the sun. It takes 365.242199 to be exact. But our Gregorian Calender has 365 days in a precise fashion. I guess it would be kind of confusing to break the year into 365.242199 days.  So.. every once in awhile we have to play "catch-up" and add an extra day.  If we didn't do this we would loose about 6 hours off our calender every year and after 100 years or so we would be "off" by about 24 days. That doesn't mean we would change weather patterns, it means that after awhile the seasons wouldn't be quite lined up with what we agree to be the days of the year. The calender would tell you it was spring when it actually felt like winter- or vice versa - I'm really totally confused about which side of the equation we would be off on!!!  There is a lot of science behind this "adding an extra day thing".  It isn't exactly done every 4 years no matter what.  There are 3 criteria that have to be met to make it a leap year. You have to be able to divide the year by 4 evenly for starters.  If you can also divide the year evenly by 100 it's not a leap year, unless the year can also be divided evenly  by 400.  Apparentlyy this explains why 2000 was "allowed" to be a leap year- it met the 3rd criteria.  Wow!  Confused??? Way over my head in the mathematical figuring... And then you can even get into Leap Seconds!!!  They are even more confusing. Who does all this calculation!!? People have been doing this math for a long time it seems. Julius Caesar in the Roman empire introduced the concept of Leap years. If you want a better or more thorough explanation of all this (can't imagine you would!!) you can go to  - and good luck.

What really strikes me once I shake the number dance out of my head, is how we have agreed to all this.  It seems so much an external construct the very idea of date and time and yet, across the world we agree on this.  We have different time zones and date zones but we all agree on the concept and have worked out how different areas of the world can all fit in there together. How did this happen?? We can't even agree in a little village or town how we should best spend our taxes, or what is healthy to eat every day and we agree that someone can just make today February 29th?  Hmm...

It also strikes me how hard we work to make our analytical calculations fit with the way we feel.  We feel different seasons.  We feel when it's winter and when it's summer. We can feel when the weather is transitioning to spring or fall.  We say things like "it feels like spring out there today".  We really don't need a calender for that. Yet we want to make sure our calenders, our externally controlled ideas, line up with the way we feel.  To avoid a disconnect between that, we just throw in an extra day every so many years or so.

It seems we really depend on that calender to tell us what to do. We celebrate according to the calender. It must be really confusing if you're born on a leap day.  When you celebrate your birthday?  Do you change it every year?  We say when it's the first day of spring or the last day of winter according to our calenders.   Many plant and harvest according to the calender. We seem less connected with nature and more in tune with the calender on the fridge it seems. Hmm...

On the same day that we are experiencing an "extra day", we have a waxing moon in Gemini.  The waxing moon is a good time to draw things to you  And here we have a whole extra day to draw energy towards us.

When the waxing moon is in Gemini, you might feel things really being sped up. The moon in Gemini is about juggling possibilities, speeding up thoughts and nerves.  Today you might find yourself getting  a lot of information thrown your way. Conversations may be very quick and continual and you may feel yourself getting drawn into that speed of multiple thoughts or ideas.

There is a cautionary note about the waxing moon in Gemini.  We should be careful to appreciate the stillness and solitude of the day and not get so caught up in the speed of action or the volume of information that we don't see down to the depths for answers. The energy of this waxing moon can be quite superficial in it's speed and action.

In my opinion, if you really want to get to the depths of things, you have to consider how you feel.  You have to stop for a minute when everyone around you is talking and think about how you feelHmm...

Maybe we should do less looking at the calender and our watches and do more feeling. Perhaps we should connect with ourselves and nature a bit more and consider how we really feel rather than what we are being told to do. Maybe we should plant when it feels like spring rather than what the calender says.  Maybe we should spent that "extra day" today doing what feels right rather than what we think others expect us to do or what our planning calenders direct us to do.

Today can also be considered an "11" day.  If you add up 2 and 9 you get 11 (I feel a bit more confident about that  math than the math behind the leap year!), and 11's in numerology are considered powerful .  It's a good day to connect with your spirit. To do that, you have to slow down your thoughts and incoming information a bit and just feel. Let you spirit and your feelings direct you  to the energy you want to bring towards you and the dreams you want to create.

Instead of trying to fit nature into our thoughts and analytical calculations, maybe we could let up a bit on the intellectual pursuits. Maybe if we  felt our way through this extra day, and the energy of a waxing moon we'd have a clearer idea of what is really right for our soul. Maybe we could think less and feel more. Maybe it doesn't matter what day it is on the calender as much as what you do with the day and what you become. Maybe it's about leaping forward in the right direction for your spirit.

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