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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding Your Inner Lion

Today the Full Moon is in Leo. Emotions are high and creativity is unleashed. The symbol for Leo is the Lion. With all that power and opportunity floating about, it might be a good time to connect with your inner lion.

Most people have a private self and a public self.  Often there is quite a disconnection between the two. People around you  might be seeing you as  quite timid, shy and reserved; a kitten,  while inside you know you have the roar of the lion. To balance the disconnect is often the key to balanced emotions and positive interactions.

Not only is the Lion a symbol for Leo, it's also considered a totem, power, or spirit animal. Steven Farmer, in "Animal Spirit Guides", writes that when a Lion shows up it may mean you're much stronger than you think.  Isn't that what the Lion discovered in The Wizard of Oz? All that courage and dignity is found within. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of that.

Daniel Mapel, in "Into the Heart of the Wild", recommends Lion for people that want to claim their deepest personal authority and spiritual power. He writes that Lion helps support you in connecting with your inner archetypes of King and Queen.

Assuming that you're somewhere, anywhere, on earth right now as you read this blog, and if you're not I'd love to hear from you too!, I think there's a good chance you feel as though you have taken on a project that may seem overwhelming. Maybe it's always been like that no matter what era you live in, but for sure in this fast pace of radial changes, conflicting ideologies, and shifting vibrations, we're challenged to "keep the faith". I also believe that deep down everyone knows they have the necessary skills to complete their project, whatever that might be. But sometimes that knowing is buried really, really, deep. And when that knowledge is covered up with loads of insecurity, past failures, failed attempts, unhelpful patterns, and thoughts and emotions from others, it can be pretty difficult to find the knowing. That's when you need to call on your inner Lion to dig through all that and face the mirror . That's when it's time to admire your flowing mane, impressive jaw-line, large teeth, wise watchful eyes, twitching ears, and retractable claws.

There are some Bach Flower essences that in my opinion, particularly resonate with Lion energy. They include; Larch, Agrimony, Centaury, Mimulus and Elm.

Larch is the essence that first comes to mind when you could use some help to find your Lion. Larch is helpful when you suffer from a lack of confidence. When in a Larch state you are secretly aware you have the ability to achieve your goals but you refuse to try for fear of failing. It can be helpful when you need a boost of confidence to complete a project, stand up in front of a group of people, take a test or exam, or complete an interview.

Agrimony might be helpful if you are hiding your Lion by putting on the mask of a kitten. It can be helpful if you're avoiding that project because you are afraid of conflict and discomfort. Rather than let your Lion roam when in an Agrimony state, you pretend to be a playful kitten in a effort to distract yourself and others from a project that really should get done. You might even be a bit too taken by cat nip in an effort to suppress your discomfort!

Centuary could help you set your Lion free if you've got him tied up and caged because of other people. If you've allowed a bully to force your Lion back into the cave, Centuary might be the essence for you. You don't have to come out roaring, clawing , hunting for prey, and directing the pride, but a few drops of Centuary might help you express your need to open the lock and take a confident stroll on your own chosen path.

Mimulus might help you transform from a scared kitten to a confident lion. If your Lion is being held back because of fears you can easily identify, such as public speaking, loss of friends or job, poverty, or other people, Mimulus might be indicated. It can help shy, timid, personalities find the quiet courage to stand up for themselves with their emotions under control.  A few drops of Mimulus might help your Lion come out of the den, stretch,  yawn, and face the difficulties in order to achieve the goals.

If you're feeling like an exhausted old cat without any kitten, let alone lion, energy, Elm might be the essence for you. Elm is helpful when you momentarily loose your confidence because you feel overwhelmed by responsibility. Elm can help when you have temporarily lost your "lion-ness". It's a passing state, helpful if you usually beautiful well-conditioned mane feels a bit scraggly.

The point is Lion energy is not only "out there" but also within. And it's definitely worth finding your Lion energy when faced with difficulty times and life in general. Bring your Lion out of the cave and into the open where you can soak up some sun and revitalize.

Maybe tonight you should roar at the moon!

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