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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Moon in Pisces

According to my We'Moon 2012 book, today is a New Moon in Pisces.  Ahh.. so that explains those emotions of the past couple of days perhaps. 

I've written about the New Moon in Pisces before  The New Moon is always about beginnings.  It's a chance to start all over again each month.  That in itself feels like a pretty good thing.

Pisces is a water sign.  Unlike the fire signs that often are  full speed ahead in transformative, perhaps non-feeling ways, Pisces if a looser, flowing, type energy. We'Moon writes that the Moon in Pisces helps us become aware, sometimes painfully, of our feelings. It is a creative energy for sure, and that creativity is driven by emotions and right brain type activity.

It might just be the circles I'm traveling in these days, but I seem to have received a lot of reminders today about it being a New Moon in Pisces.  I got three or four emails or newsletters that mentioned the fact. I got information about new starts, and begnning over and starting fresh. Hmm... It seems to me like the world might just be feeling the pull of the moon and it's changing forms just a bit more. It seems we are responding to that pull. At least that's what I'm feeling!

One of those emails about the New Moon in Pisces suggested today is a really good time to sit for a moment and consider how you feel about your place in the world.  Today would be a good time to consider if you are where you want to be, if you are surrounded by people that love and support you,  and honor your feelings and your place in this world.

Today is a good day to ask yourself if you are "living your dream".  In my opinion, that might be a somewhat dangerous question to ask yourself in the light of the New Pisces Moon, if you don't at least have a box of kleenex's handy. But perhaps that's what tissues were invented for. The energy from the New Pisces Moon can help you sort out those emotions and feelings. You really can't pursue your dream if you don't address your feelings and decide if you're on track or not in the first place- despite how we wish we could avoid the assessment perhaps.

If you're flowing between happiness and despair as you assess your feelings- a few drops of Scleranthus might help! It might also help you find that connection between feelings and logic so you can pull your dream into action.  

With the moon's energy in a position to support new starts and direction, it might also be a good time to consider Wild Oat. If you've been uncertain as to which dream you want to pursue, or unclear where your true feelings lie, it might be the Bach for you.

Maybe the best gift you can give yourself during highly emotional times is the "right to feel", "just feel".  Sounds like that Vagus nerve could use some "me time" In true water sign fashion, just let the emotions come like a tidal wave. Let them wash over you and back out again (that back out part is important!), leaving you with a whole new start and clean path ahead.

Enjoy the waves!

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