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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bach Remedy Vine for the Third Eye Chakra

In the previous post, I discussed the third eye or 6th chakra. One of the few foods that resonates with this chakra is grapes, as does wine. It comes as no surprise that one of the Bach flower remedies that is often indicated for problems with this chakra is Vine.

Vine is prepared from the flowers of the grapevine. The grapevine has been cultivated by mankind since the beginning of recorded history. It is said that Noah planted a vineyard. Julian Barnard, in "Bach Flower Remedies Form and Function", describes vine as a plant who's basic patterning has been modified by the demands of human cultivation. In order to make grapes grow on the vine you have to train the plant. Constant cutting and interfering is required to limit the natural growth process which is to grow quickly towards the light.

The same can be said for issues of the third eye chakra. People often block their natural tendency to rely on intuition and inner knowing and train their brains to listen only to a "cut back" version of reality.

The Bach flower Vine is one of the Seven Helpers. Not a soul type, these helper remedies are indicated for conditions that are the result of a way of living. Dr. Bach reported Vine as a condition that was often the result of childhood interactions. If children have had their impulses of self-expression limited by family, later in life they may take on the Vine state. If, as a child, "new shoots"; ideas , behaviors, and ways of seeing the world, were cut off, tied, or trained into a particular form, the vine state may be the result. The Vine state is a reflection of that need to control and dominate as the grapevine (or child) has been controlled and dominated. Children learn that the only way to gain control is to follow that example of bullying and dominating from forceful adults. It is a learned approach to life.

Grapevines climb by hanging on to others for support. The grapevine is selective in it's clinging. It chooses only those who can be seized. In the same way, bullies are selective of their "prey". It usually takes some intuition to select a victim. Bully's often have an uncanny ability to get people in their most vulnerable spot- for this they listen to their intuition. Since most bullies are victims as well, they understand vulnerabilities from first hand experience.

The Bach remedy Vine can help soften and gentle the heart, allowing a sense of the need to give. The positive potential of Vine is determination without domination. Once the Vine state can be released, the third eye can be balanced, allowing you to follow your intuition without the need to fiercely control. Vine has the potential to break a powerful legacy of dominance and control, that in many families, is handed down from generation to generation.

Like all Bach flower remedies, there are degrees of the Vine State. You don't have to be, or have been, the playground bully, the terror of your neighborhood, or a political dictator, to benefit from the essence. Vine can help if you feel you could use some help to find your own path in life, using all the gifts you have been given. The person with a balanced Third Eye Chakra is an inspiration to others as they move through life with confidence and certainty, in tune with their inner knowing.

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