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Friday, February 18, 2011

Full Moon in Leo; Solar Flares, and Perelandra ETS

It's another full moon cycle and this time the moon is in Leo. According to my We'Moon 2011 book, this signifies a time of exuberance. This full moon is all about drama and intensity. According to astrology, you may feel compelled to act suddenly, generously, and in ways that fill your heart's desire. You may start to feel full of love, creativity, and the joy of living. With all this exuberance and outgoing interactions however, it is also a time for outbursts and temper flare-ups. It seems this moon cycle of a Leo-Acquarian theme brings combustible, shocking energies.

It would seem the solar system is very much in synchronicity with astrological predictions. NASA reports an x-class solar flare on Feb. 14th occurred for the first time in more than 4 years. X-flares are the most powerful of all solar events. Although they didn't seem to have caused any damage this week, they have been known to trigger radio black-outs and long-lasting radiation storms. The flares on the 14th were preceded by several smaller M and C class flares as well.

As I look at the pictures of solar flares that are readily available by Internet search (or the one with today's entry), I can't help by imagine how that swirling energy must be affecting us. No wonder astrologists warn of being jarred out of balance physically, mentally and emotionally. The full moon is said to bring about breakthroughs as cosmic energies startle and awaken us. There is a warning however, that such high spirits, fire, and exuberance can be difficult to adjust to, especially if you are already feeling overwhelmed or somewhat "burnt out".

It is for these shifting energies at the physical, emotional and spiritual level that Perelandra ETS was created for. If you're feeling strange electrical type pains for no known reason, unsettled moods, and discomfort, a few drops of Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) may have a calming, soothing effect on you. The folks at Perelandra apparently have taken advantage of the fire and energy and have updated their website to make it more user friendly. You can find information on all their products at You can also find them on FaceBook now.

Other suggestions for helping to ground yourself include the use of the crystal amethyst,chakra balancing, walking in nature, consciously breathing deeply, or just engaging in whatever makes you feel connected to the earth and those around you.

If you feel empowered and bursting with energy- go with the flow! Fire can be a purifying force. Adapt to the changes by blazing forward on new paths without turning back.

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