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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Seventh Chakra

The seventh chakra, also known as the Crown chakra is considered the highest of the primary chakras. It is located at the top, or crown, of your head. This chakra is considered your connection to a greater consciousness or the divine self. The main issues of this chakra are spirituality and selflessness. Like the 6th chakra, the Crown Chakra doesn't really correspond to a developmental age in the same way as the lower chakra's do. There are some references to the age range of 43 to 49 for this chakra development, but that is more likely because, for some people, this is a time when they begin to really question the meaning of life. Development of the crown charka has been linked to "mid-life crisis" states. In reality, the degree of functionality of this chakra is linked to, and influenced by, a multitude of events that can occur at any age, or stage, of life.

When this chakra is balanced you are likely to have a magnetic personality. Other people are drawn to you, sometimes for inexplicable reasons. A balanced crown chakra ensures you are at peace with self, have a clear connection to spirit, and an awareness that all things are possible.

If this chakra spins too fast, you may feel apathetic or depressed. For many people, a fast spinning crown chakra creates a feeling of frustration. They often feel a sense of unrealized power; as though they aren't focused on the right thing. In an effort to combat these feelings, the person may appear egocentric as they try to find purpose through material success, willpower and control.

If the crown chakra is blocked, there may be a sense of constant exhaustion. It becomes difficult to make decisions, perhaps because there is no sense of belonging. People may feel there no longer is any "reason for being".

Emotional dsyfunctions related to issues with the crown chakra include depression, obsessional thinking, and confusion. Physical conditions such as immune system disorders, chronic exhuastion, environmental sensitivities, epilepsy, and Alzheimer's are all be linked to 7th chakra dysfunction.

The color that resonates with the crown chakra is most typically white. Violet and gold are also sometimes related to this chakra. White is considered the ultimate luminescence. White is the color of purity and spirit. Surrounding yourself with white can help you feel clean, pure, and renewed. The white lotus flower (today's picture) is the symbol that resonates with the crown chakra. Pure white flowers can provide a very peaceful connection.

I am sorry to say there are really no foods that resonate with the crown chakra. Quite the reverse, as fasting is considered a way to connect with, and restore this chakra. This chakra is all about "detachment" and apparently that means being detached from food as well

Rest assured, there will be a recipe in my book to link foods with the crown chakra though. I think the sense of peaceful connection should be celebrated with some type of food!

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