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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Waiting for Transformation

The phrase "the only constant is change" seems particularly appropriate as a statement on the world as a whole right now. It seems everywhere throughout the world massive change is taking place, or on the verge of occurring.

Certainly the people of Egypt must feel this sense of change as they continue to protest in a massive attempt to change government structures. Those people in Australia that are being evacuated due to a huge approaching cyclone or have already been evacuated due to previous floods, must feel such change. The Chinese are about to move into the year of the rabbit this week as they celebrate a New Year and with it quite a change in philosophy.

Here in my part of the world we are moving into a New Moon in Aquarius cycle on Wednesday that according to my We'Moon 2011 book suggests we connect to our community. We may be connected to community as we brace for yet another winter snow storm. The new moon is also Lunar Imbolc. Apparently on Imbolc eve, tradition suggests you celebrate Brighid, the triple fire goddess of smithcraft, poetry and healing. According to Marna from Mother Tongue Ink 2010, this should signify an awakening of global healers and signify transformation on the "crucible of insight". Hmm... lots to think about there.

Whether you look forward to change or not, it isn't always easy to go through the process of transformation. To me, nature provides the ultimate symbol of transformation in the butterfly. The change from larvae to having wings to fly is an incredible process and worth the pain once achieved, but it must be difficult to continue to convince yourself of that when you are so trapped and squished in the confining cocoon.

Star of Bethlehem is a Bach flower essence that is supportive of the emotions you go through during any kind of transformation. Dr. Bach described it as "the comforter and soother of pains and sorrows." It can be helpful for the delayed effects of shock that may manifest years after the traumatic or changing event and for this reason may be helpful for post traumatic shock. Star of Bethlehem is recommended for both mother and child immediately after birth- again an incredible example of transformation.

In an effort to put the principles of Bach Flower essences into stories children could relate to, I created this story of Sabrina the Butterfly:

Sabrina the Butterfly- A Star of Bethlehem Story
Sabrina feels horrible. It’s like her whole body is changing and everything hurts and feels raw and tingling. It feels like her inside is open to the world.

Sabrina has been warned about this all through her life as a caterpillar. Although she looked forward to it and knows it’s what happens during the change, it hurts so much she can’t believe it.

Sabrina doesn’t know if she wants to change but now that it has started she can’t stop it.

It feels like an earthquake is happening inside her brain and she can feel her outer shell crumbling away and actually dropping to the earth below.

She feels a burst of fire and rush of air and she feels both bigger and lighter at the same time and she is falling through the air!

Sabrina lands on the balanced six petals of an opened Star of Bethlehem flower in full bloom, just in time for lunch!

The other animals in the forest all stop everything they are doing to watch.
Sabrina unfolds the most beautiful, delicate but strong butterfly wings ever imagined. As she perches on the white petals of the Star of Bethlehem flower the colors in her wings are contrasted against the white.

Her wings are red and orange, yellow, green, sky blue and deep purple. The spots of white on her wings blend into the white of the flower as she fits in perfectly with her surroundings.

Sabrina’s true self is released. Having gained comfort, strength and protection from the Star of Bethlehem flower on her journey of change, she finds the balance she needs to fly.

Sabrina’s butterfly adventures begin!

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  1. Here's to synchronicity...
    Just finished reading another of my favourite blogs and then moved on to yours.

    Here is an excerpt of what I read on Mahalas Astrology Website

    "These changes that are happening seem like a bad dream to some, yet, as all experiences have a silver lining, this one is huge. 2012 comes with the words, “Enlightenment, perception, depth, discovery, shifting, waking up, and even TRUTH.” It feels like we are in a new world, and we are. Walking on coals to get to the other side comes to mind for some, but I prefer to call 2011 The Year of the Butterfly. It means most people who have unconsciously been consumed by a made up world of material goods, money, Keeping Up with the Jonses syndrome, etc, are finding out that those that are in the world AND of it are collapsing. None of that matters realistically, and even though fear sets in, it is bypassed eventually because the true self inside says, “Well, I’m not the only one going through this” and then we seem to find solace in friends, family, acquaintances, animals, music, etc.( and even our social network, Facebook!) The saying, “This too shall pass” happens, and a stronger, more adequate way of living then begins to unfold.

    This is the cocoon stage, and soon we realize we really are tired of trying to keep up. A world that has created its own way of control is now falling to the wayside while those who want freedom are opening their eyes. In the movie Avatar, the Shaman mother tells Jake Sully when he enquires about learning from her tribe, ”It’s hard to fill a cup that’s already full.” Learning can only come to us when we have emptied the bucket and are ready to receive.

    So now we have reached the stage when the butterfly is ready to emerge. This is the time of ascension. You hear this word a lot in the community of people who are waking up and becoming more apt to decide what side they want to be on. As we have seen, death has been a co-partner in all of this. So many loved ones are passing…yet we even have a different concept, idea, understanding, but mostly, a feeling of death being different than before! Somehow we know that death isn’t final, just different in the world. Ascension is seen as us passing over. Well, that’s one way! In this cycle that has been turning around in our Universe through astrological aspects, authors, media reports, and daily awareness, the good news is that Deepak Chopra was right all along!! If we are truly one body in the air that we breathe, and our cells are multi-faceted with shedding themselves and beginning new every 6 weeks for a new liver, etc, then we are already ascendended, having a physical experience. Now, all we have to do is know it. I would like people to know that we all don’t have to be scientists or cellular biologists. There are plenty of good ones already who like sharing their knowledge with the rest of us. We are living in a world of “wake up”, and that means we are ALL transforming, so choosing to surrender feeling sorry for ourselves and find that silver lining will adhere to the energy in our cells that we were born for… our soul song is ready to emerge. We are now ONE with all that is, and that’s all there is!"

    Here's to our flight together!!!