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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Color Blue; Throat Chakra,Right Brain and Potatoes

So, I've had a delicious fix of peppermint and am working away on the Throat Chakra chapter. The color that resonates with the Throat Chakra (vibrates on the same energy level) is blue. In "Melvin's Balloons', my Children's book that links chakra colors with emotions, Melvin likes to get blue balloons because they make him sing. In fact they make him howl back at the coyotes. That's because the throat chakra is focused on self-expression.

According to Nina Ashby in "Simply Color Therapy", there are more variations of the color blue than any other color. Some of the variations include indigo blue, aquamarine, royal blue, sky blue, and turquoise. Seems there may be a blue for everyone. Luckily it seems to me, there are just as many ways to express yourself. Blue is also the highest vibrational frequency of the primary colors according to Ashby, which means there is a lot of space between the molecules. Perhaps it is that "space of variations" that allows for differences in interpretations of communication and sometimes- misunderstandings.

Nina Ashby goes on to explain the color blue is associated with the right side of the brain. That got me thinking!! The right side of the brain is considered to be in most cases, the origin of feelings and creativity. And yet, if it stopped there you wouldn't be able to express those feelings I don't think. Seems like you also need integration to the left side in order to select the paint colors you want, figure out how to handle the brush, or put your feelings into words. For most of us, having the feelings and the creative thoughts are not the complete picture. It seems like we have to "get it out" in some way. Even if we don't want to necessarily share it with anyone else, it seems we need to have evidence of our feelings. That's why painting, drawing and coloring is often used in therapy. It seems like the ability to express our inner creativity, that right side of our brain, may be an integral piece to making us human?

The shade of blue you choose can make a big difference. Sky blue is said to be soothing and can cool fevers, headaches, insomnia and overexcitment. Turquoise, on the other hand can stimulate the nervous system and release blockages. Ashby claims it can free your mind from rigid patterns and help balance emotions.

With all these blue shades you would think there would be "blue food", but there really isn't much to choose from there. Despite what a lot of people say, blueberries to me, really aren't blue. Maybe that's just me "expressing myself, but to me they are actually more a purple shade than blue. And neither blue jello or blue kool-aid, other arguments I've heard, resemble any kind of real food. I think the only exception is a certain type of blue potato. There is a potato that is truly blue on the inside as well as outside. I don't think it tastes much different from any other kind of potato but it really is remarkably blue. I know about this potato because my grandmother had a particular affection for them. And, my grandfather, every year of his married life, planted one row of these particular potatoes, especially and only, for my grandmother. Times were sometimes tough,crops didn't always grow as well as one hoped,and life wasn't very easy for them. But there was one thing my grandmother could count on.. at least one meal of blue potatoes.

So to me, blue potatoes will forever represent the ultimate expression of love.

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