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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crab Apple: The Cleansing Bach Flower Remedy

Most of the Bach Flower Remedies are taken internally and quite focused on emotional issues. Through emotional balance, physical balance and relief of symptoms is allowed to occur, but it is the emotional state that most Bach remedies exert their primary affect.

The Bach Flower Crab Apple works according to the same principles, but it also has some more physical components. It is considered the cleansing essence for both mind and body.

Crab Apple is indicated for anyone who feels unclean or suffers from poor self-image. It can be helpful for those that have a mental obsession with cleanliness or phobias around germs and disease.

People with skin problems may benefit from the external, as well as internal, application of this remedy. A few drops of Crab Apple in water can be applied directly to skin problems as a lotion or compress. Ten drops of the essence can also be added to a bath to help with skin conditions. Rescue Remedy cream contains Crab Apple as well as the 5 essences of Rescue Remedy and can be particularly helpful if applied topically to injuries or skin conditions. The cream formulations do contain other ingredients to make them into a cream, so if you are sensitive, check before you apply. If in doubt, mix the essences directly in water and use as a compress or lotion.

Crab Apple essence resonates with 6th Chakra or Third Eye imbalances as well. If you are blocking the intuitive/feeling component of your mind, and trying desperately to control, you may feel out of balance when you are unable to control your appearance to the degree you would like. The scientific, logical side doesn't always match with what you would like to see in the mirror, despite your efforts to mould and control. This can lead to a sense of dissatisfaction or disgust with yourself.

Taking Crab Apple can help you find acceptance of yourself, dispute your imperfections. Crab Apple can help people have a more relaxed attitude towards their body image and environment, allowing imperfections to be accepted as a part of you. When people are in a Crab Apple state they have a general feeling that something is not quite right but they are unable to truly pinpoint the source of their discomfort. Again, this can be linked to blockage of that feeling side of you. Because you can't pinpoint that source of discomfort, you focus on trivial things and become fixated on something you believe you should be able to control; like pimples, large thighs, rolling bellies, bad hair. With that fixation comes a loss of the sense of proportion so that minor blemishes become huge issues. Many woman go into a Crab Apple state at certain times of their cycle. For some, the dissatisfaction may be focused on the external environment rather than internal, and they suddenly become avid house cleaners.

The Crab Apple tree is often gnarled and crooked. The bark can be wrinkled and flaky, and it's common to find it covered with moss or lichens. The roots of the tree are shallow. Yet the blossoms, from which the essence is made, are pure and perfect as they combine the soft pink glow of vitality with the whiteness of light. The inner stem of the flower is a golden color. Julian Barnard in, "Bach Flower Remedies; Form and Function", describes the stamen of the Crab Apple flower as being the "golden heart" and "a soft purifying fire".

And that is the mirror image of the Crab Apple state. When you feel a bit gnarled, crooked, wrinkled, or flaky, as though parasites are growing on you, consider that the roots of those complaints don't really run very deep. Take the Crab Apple essence and allow yourself to purify from within.

Who knows, after a few Crab Apple drops, you may be able to see those imperfections as what allows you to be uniquely you!

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