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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Foods for the Throat Chakra

Did you just throw out the last of the Christmas candy canes in a fit of "self-renewal". If so, sorry... but keep reading.

I'm moving on through the chakras to the 5th or throat chakra. The 5th Chakra is located centrally at the base of the neck- the throat area. The main issue of this chakra is communication and self-expression. But this chakra is also focused on faith or trust. This chakra encorporates higher levels of spirituality and the trust becomes one of believing you can speak your truth and your inner knowing because it comes from a pure source. When this chakra is balanced you are content, find it easy to communicate, and may be artistically inspired.

This chakra typically develops between 28 and 35 years of age. By this time in life, most people have developed a clear sense of self. They have gained the wisdom of understanding their own strengths and what motivates them and have accepted themselves for who they are. Once that realization has been reached, you can move on towards speaking your truth even if it doesn't always correspond with those around you. Tempered by compassion of the heart chakra, a good communicator understands their right to express their hurt or anger, but does so in a way that does not diminish the other person. A person with faith in themselves, also knows that if others don't "hear" what is said, it isn't necessarily a reflection of the messenger. Instead, it indicates the listener isn't yet ready for that information.

Childhood traumas where children were made to believe their opinions were worthless, or they were told to "be quiet", "be seen and not heard" or otherwise rejected, can affect later development of this chakra. The person may put on a "mask" to hide the belief that no one values their opinion. This is the classic Agrimony Bach flower type. A blocked throat chakra may result in a person that does not communicate with others and holds back from any form of self-expression. They may seem to hold inconsistent views as they sway with the opinions of others. Blocked chakras can also be expressed in people that appear over-talkative as they put on a mask of comedy- always being the clown, making light of a situation, and cracking jokes. If this chakra spins too fast the person may be seen as self-righteous, arrogant and over-talkative without taking the time to listen.

The color that resonates with the throat chakra is blue. It is a clear, bright blue like a shade of turquoise. Lapis lazuli (typical Native American jewelery) and turquoise necklaces are great ways help focus on the throat chakra and clear blockages.

As far as foods are concerned, fruit really resonates with the throat chakra as you move upwards to a lighter, less grounded, realm. However, peppermint resonates with this chakra as well- and so we are back to the candy canes! Peppermint tea is very soothing to a sore throat. For the book, there will be something sweet made out of peppermint- of that you can be sure.

In the meantime, speak your truth and allow it to come from your heart. Speak up for yourself, secure in the knowledge that what you have to say is worthy of being listened to. Delight in your self-expression and creative pursuits.

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