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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Book Review: Unplugging The Patriarchy

On Friday afternoon I discovered an absolutely incredible book by Lucia Rene called "Unplugging The Patriarchy". For me at least, it was one of those books that seems to radiate it's own energy. I felt drawn to it and as soon as I picked it up I knew it was right for me to read. I think books are pretty personal that way and similar to alternative cures and remedies. There is no one remedy or book that is right for everybody, all of the time, but if you find the one that is right for you in that moment, it can be a powerful connection and a transforming experience. That's the way I felt about "Unplugging The Patriarchy".

In the preface, Rene (there should be an accent on the last "e" but I can't make my computer do it-sorry!), explains the book is part truth and part fiction in what she calls a "fictionalized memoir". It's an unusual combination of novel and personal story, heavily supported with facts and in-depth research. It's easy to read like a novel, yet you learn some amazing things along the way.

"Unplugging The Patriarchy" is about changing the power structures of the world as we move into a new Aquarium age of post- 2012. It is a story of reclaiming, rediscovering and redefining by moving back into solar feminine energy.

Rene tackles multiple present power structures including the Global Elite, One World Government, International Banking, Media, Religion, Military, Industry and even Royalty. She provides information on powerful groups such as the Bilderbergers. All these were concepts that I heard before, but avoided researching or reading about because I saw the information as negative, conspiracy theory , energy draining pendulums. Despite a lot of information on these concepts, I don't find this book negative. It's just seems to lay out the facts in a non-judgemental way. It's just presented as knowledge and information that may encourage you to gently look at things a bit differently. It isn't a book about blaming; it's about explaining.

This is also a story about reclaiming feminine power, but not in a negative "male bashing" way. It's not about taking over or fighting for something, it's about allowing an enormous shift to happen that takes all of us, male and female into a different type of world/universe order.

There were some new concepts in this book as well. Lucia Rene outlines a chakra system for the earth. Lucia and two other friends, all trained as mystics, embark on a journey to perform a pretty amazing chakra clearing/re-polarization/rebalancing of the earth's charkas. It sounds pretty "out there" and yet, to me at least, it made so much sense and just felt right.

I read this book in a couple of days. I just couldn't put it down. Although I read it like a novel that way, I'll be going through it again, perhaps with highlighter marker. I really want to absorb it all in a more intense research orientated way now that I know how it ends, or begins, depending on your perspective. I feel like I can take a look at those power structures again and educate myself on those concepts from a positive point of view and I really like that idea. It's not often that a book is both interesting, and a good reference text. This one feels like both to me and is as well written technically as it is interesting- including 142 footnotes if you are so inclined!

I did do a bit of research on the author. She has a newsletter, a blog and another book coming out. All of this you can find through her website

I did read quite a negative review on this book. The reviewer said she just "couldn't get into this book". That was not my experience at all, but I think that just goes to show you books, like most things in life, have a time and place for you that is very personal. I'm pretty sure there was a period in time when I never would have got past the Preface of this book so I'm glad I found it when I did. I'm not the only one that thought it was an incredible read. "Unplugging The Patriarchy" won a Nautilus Book Award in 2010, and joins a pretty elite cast of writers in this honor.

For me, it's "a keeper" and I very much appreciate the insight I've received by reading it. I appreciate Lucia Rene for her journey and for sharing it. Can't wait for the next one!

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