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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Full Moon in Capricorn

Tonight is a full moon in Capricorn. The moon in Capricorn is said to promote action and coming to terms with a situation. It's a time to really focus ambitions. Capricorn is said to bring illumination, to cast the most light on situations. It's a time to gather insight and move on with projects.

This particular full moon, because of the sun's position, is also about responsible nurturing and gaining insight into how you nurture. That doesn't always mean how you look after others. Responsible nurturing means you begin at a personal level and consider what you need to take care of yourself. Back to that individual versus collective theme it might seem. Time to think about what you want to put in your own cake before you think about making cake for everyone else. If that makes no sense to you, check out this earlier post

When the full moon is in Capricorn, we might all need to take a look at how we nurture and consider not where we need to take on more responsibility, as much as where we might be taking on too much responsibility. When we take over for others, even if our intentions are good, we prevent their ability to grow on their own. We also run the risk of providing the wrong things by bringing what we think others want and need, and not what they truly desire. We try to bring our perspective into their reality and that's not nurturing- that's taking over.

When you sit in the light of the full moon tonight, or better yet, when you dance under the moon, look up and see if there are any planes flying overhead. If there are, think about those oxygen masks that pop out of the overhead compartment when the cabin pressure drops below a certain point. Are you so busy putting oxygen masks on those around you that you are gulping for air yourself? And are those around you actually benefiting from those masks in the first place, or are you smothering them in your effort to nurture? Maybe the cabin pressure hasn't really changed in the first place?

Red Chestnut is a Bach Flower essence that can helps those that are "over-nurturing". It is indicated for those who have an excessive fear and worry about the welfare of others, usually of other family members or loved ones. Red Chestnut can help when you are fretful and worried about others at the expense of looking inward and looking after yourself first. Red Chestnut can help restore an ability to hold back from forcing help on others.

Nurturing yourself may also require a bit of "letting go". The full moon signifies an end of one phase. Maybe it's time to let go of something that has been a burden or is just time to sign off on. If what keeps you attached to a problem or situation is the fear of losing control, you might consider the Bach Flower Cherry Plum to help you release what doesn't need to be held.

Full moons are meant to be celebrations. Dance under the moon. Embrace the end of one phase and the opportunity to start fresh with a new project, a new intention, or a lighter, self-nurtured you. Howl to the moon if that's what makes you feel like you again. Nurture yourself and allow the rest to fall into place.

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  1. As per my knowledge, This Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual is to help us to make our dreams come true in a manner. Full Moon in Capricorn is all about releasing the serious side of life.