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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave Help

Many parts of North America at the moment are in heat wave conditions. Although this is not actually the case in my part of the world- today it is pretty hot here as well.

I find it kind of interesting that the definition of "heat wave" is a relative term. For most weather events like cyclones, or hurricanes and tornadoes, there are very strict guidelines that guide their definition. So you can be in one heck of a wind storm, damage all around you, and find weather experts examining the event in order to determine whether or not it meets criteria to be designated an official storm. With a heat wave, it seems, it depends on what your normal values are like. In some places, after two days of hot weather, it may be called a heat wave. In others, it takes five days and much higher temperatures to be "official". In some areas, the humidity is a factor, in others it's not. So maybe we just need to revert to our body telling us that we are undergoing quite a stretch of hot weather!! Hmm..

It might also be smart to listen to your body and pay particular attention to how you are feeling during extreme weather. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion (for which there are actually very definite definitions in the medical community!) often seem to take people by surprise. When it's hot you need to seek the shade as much as possible. The more you sweat and loose fluids, the more you need to drink. Water is the recommended liquid of choice. You do have to watch electrolyte (sodium and potassium) intake as well, but unless you are really performing strenuous activity or dieting in the heat, that's not as likely. We typically get a lot of electrolytes in our diets.

There are some homeopathic remedies that can be helpful for sunburn, heat stroke and exhaustion. They include Caustium, Cantharis, Glonoine, and Belledona.

Causticum is probably the first one to think of for a sunburn, or any burn for that matter. Serious burns need further assessment, but you can take causticum while seeking out professional advice.

Cantharis is helpful if the person is feeling very restless and the pains are burning in nature. The person who can benefit from cantharis is likely to be pretty vocal with their complaints. In second and third degree burns, cantharis may be helpful before the blisters form.

The principal use of the remedy Glonoine is for headaches that result from too much sun. The person that responds to this remedy will likely appear red in the face, may even seem confused and uncommunicative. Glonine can be taken while seeking professional treatment advice.

If Glonoine does not relieve the headache that comes on from sun exposure, Belledona may be helpful. Belledona is a remedy that is helpful when complaints come on suddenly and are worse for movement. It is helpful to reduce the elevated body temperature/fever experienced during heat stroke and exhaustion.

The Bach Flower Beech might be helpful if you feel yourself irritated by a heat wave. If people are suddenly driving you crazy and you feel impatient and frustrated with the mannerisms of others, it might be an essence to turn to.

Any number of the Perelandra essences might be helpful for the signs and symptoms of heat exposure. Perelandra ETS Plus for humans would be the combination remedy to consider for the sudden onset of symptoms including a headache.

Animals suffer during heat waves as well. ETS Plus for animals may help them get through an event. They also need shade and lots of extra water.

The big key to avoiding the negative effects of a heat wave is to stay hydrated. That means drinking lots and lots of water. It's also about "going with the flow" and not stressing your body during the intense times. If possible, save tasks for cooler temperatures, later in the day or earlier in the morning. Maybe we should have "heat days" like "storm days" to keep people away from work if they aren't in air conditioned buildings?

Maybe the heat has started to affect my brain. But I had a great "go with the flow" yoga class this morning and received this youtube video from a friend. In the spirit of hydration (although spirits aren't actually recommended), I thought I'd include it with this post!


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  1. I heard that Heat wave bakes the eastern parts of the America and Canada. The Temperature was such an very high and it was very hot day.