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Monday, July 11, 2011

Grasshopper Restlessness & Scleranthus

It's a Monday morning- perhaps that says it all. It's summer time. In my part of the world it's beautiful outside and the day promises to be hot and sunny. For many people, daily routines are "shot" during the summertime. Some people are able to relax and let go and just truly enjoy. Others just add more to their routine and "to do" lists and try to fit it all in, working and relaxing and exhausting themselves in the process. Others experience a sense of restlessness and flit from one thing to the other, from chores to fun activities never quite feeling as though they are focused on the right thing. There's a Bach flower for that!!

Dr. Bach placed the Bach Flower essences into 7 categories. When trying to decide which essence(s) might be right for you, it can be helpful to narrow it down by turning to the categories. "Restlessness" isn't a category, but that flipping back and forth between tasks, an inability to make up your mind on what to focus on, seems to find a fit within the category of "uncertainty". There are 6 essences in this category: Cerato, Scleranthus, Gentian, Gorse, Hornbeam and Wild Oat.

Scleranthus is a good match for the restless summer indecision I'm referring to. People that need Scleranthus have a hard time making a decision or sticking with a choice, particularly if faced with a choice between two possibilities. If you can't decide whether you should take the day off and go to the beach, or settle in and finish that report first- you might consider Scleranthus. Scleranthus people often experience a "grasshopper" mind. They jump from one activity to the next. Even within a conversation, Scleranthus types may jump from one topic to another. The Scleranthus type is prone to mood swings and this may be more pronounced with changing weather patterns or during a shift from one season to another.

If you are looking for a buddy to "skip out of work with", a spontaneous person who will drop everything at the mere mention of helping out or being diverted- find a Scleranthus type. They are flexible and more than willing to "go with the flow" of someone elses' decisions. But unlike a Centaury type for instance, that is happy to be led, the Scleranthus person doesn't feel content to go with the decisions of others and is often second-guessing whether or not they made the right choice.

When out of balance, the Scleranthus person's changeable outlook can make them unreliable. They sometimes waste time and lose opportunities because they can't make up their mind. They spend so much time swinging back and forth and trying to decide the whole day can pass them by without getting anything done or having a chance to peacefully relax.

Although the Sceleranthus person may be the first to join the crowd when gently coaxed, they may just as quickly regret their decision. For this reason the Scleranthus person may be with you physically, but not really with you mentally. When the Scleranthus person goes to the beach, he may be thinking about the unfinished report, trying to craft it in his head. When the Scleranthus person stays home to work on the report, she may gaze out the window berating herself for missing an opportunity to go to the beach.

Can't make up your mind whether or not you should take Scleranthus? That's probably exactly when you should!!

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