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Monday, July 4, 2011

Alternative Treatment for Bug Bites: People & Pets

Maybe it's because of some changing weather patterns, a shifting world, planetary influences, or just coincidence, but it seems like bug bites are causing more dramatic reactions in both people and pets this year. In my part of the world it might just be that because of so much rain, when the bugs do see the sun and come out they are particularly hungry!!

There are a number of alternative therapies for bug bite reactions that are all worth taking a look at during bug season time.

From the homeopathic world, the two remedies that come to mind are Ledum Palustre and Apis Mellifica.

Ledum Palustre is prepared from the Wild Rosemary plant and is today's picture. I felt a lot better about putting up a picture of the treatment rather than the villain! Ledum can help prevent a septic state from setting in as a result of being bitten by an animal or bug. Unlike most homeopathic remedies, there aren't a lot of marked emotional or mental symptoms that would indicate the use of Ledum. That makes it applicable for anyone, regardless of their personality, and a valuable component of any first aid kit. Think of Ledum for any kind of bug bites or stings as well as puncture wounds where infection may result.

Apis Mellifica is a more specific remedy to combat the effects of a bee sting, but it can also be helpful in any bite that reacts dramatically. Apis can be used for a severe allergic reaction (analphylactis) while you are enroute to or waiting for advanced treatment. Apis is prepared from the venom of the common hive bee. This does not mean it will cause a reaction in someone with sever allergies- exactly the reverse. Apis has been used to cure rheumatism and to desensitize patients that react strongly to insect bites.

Perelandra has a number of remedies that can be extremely helpful for bug bite reactions. From the combination remedies, Immune may be indicated. Lymphatic may also be helpfulif the reaction is occuring at a deeper, infection,level. The individual remedy Tomato, from the Garden Essences may be helpful as it is a cleansing remedy that works to assist the body in throwing off infection. From the Nature Program Essences, V-1, F-1, B-1, V-2, F-2 or B-2 may be indicated. All of these essences work in various ways to help the body respond to a viral, fungal or bacterial imbalance. ETS Plus for Humans or Pets may also be helpful during the initial phase of the bite or sting. With Perelandra essences you don't have to know which essences to use when, you test them using kinesiology instead. Perelandra website also offers some suggestions for tick bites.

From the Bach Flower essences there might not be as direct a match because they are more concentrated on the emotional level than homeopathics or Perelandra. A couple to consider would be Beech and Crab Apple. Beech is indicated for irritability and intolerance and that type of emotional reaction is a match for allergies and the irritability of a bug bite. Crab Apple is considered the cleansing remedy so it may be helpful as well. Rescue Cream which contains Crab Apple may provide a soothing topical application to the affected area. Rescue Remedy is also helpful in that initial phase of the bite sting if it accompanied by a traumatic situation such as a bee or wasp sting usually is.

Two other remedies to try are Swedish Bitters and Silver. Swedish bitters can be applied as a compress and helps to draw out the poison or infection. Most people recommend a light application of oil or cream before applying the Swedish bitters directly on the skin. Colloidal silver can also be applied to the area or an extremity can be soaked in colloidal silver to help combat infection. Both Swedish bitters and silver can be taken orally as well.

We recently had the occasion to try an alternative protocol on a horse client. This little mare pony had an amazing reaction to something or another. Her flank/udder area was red and swollen so badly it was chaffing together when she walked causing the area to look like a burn. It was an "ouch" just looking at her. She was avoiding much travel because of this but otherwise didn't seem that "out of sorts"- was still eating and eliminating fine. We gave her ETS Plus and then tried to figure things out. The next thing we gave was Ledum. This was followed with a number of essences from the Perelandra boxes. Included in there were Tomato, and most of the V-1, V-2, F-1, F-2,B-1 and B-2 essences. We selected all of the perelandra essences using kinesiology. This horse stood totally still and quiet while we did this and the others in the herd gave her a protective but non-interfering distance while we did this. This little mare also tested positive for Immune and Lymphatic combinations. Although the individual essences were a "one drop, one time deal", her owner is keeping her on Immune and Lymphatic for a number of weeks (perhaps the whole bug season)giving it to her once per day. Her owner already puts colloidal silver in the horses' drinking water so that practice was continued. Within a 24 hour period the swelling and redness had subsided remarkably and the owner was able to see a hardened lump or swelling in the udder area. She applied a compress of Swedish bitters to the lump and kept up with the regime of Perelandra Immune and Lymphatic. Two weeks later- all is well.

This little mare also tested positive for a number of Perelandra essences that appeared to be for a more emotional/ spiritual level or issue. All of these individual essences made sense to the owner. It also points to the fact that we can't separate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns. We are complex creatures (both people and pets) and need that overall balance for our self-defence mechanisms to work well. If we are out of balance emotionally, we may experience physical conditions we might otherwise be able to combat and vice versa. We need to apply "whole healing" techniques to the "whole organism" in my opinion.

The reaction this mare had to Perelandra was dramatic and amazing. As soon as we had tested everything on her and given her the drops she peacefully walked away. I was packing up the boxes when I felt the gelding in the herd blowing on my neck! His turn. We opened up the boxes again and when through them all with him. Some of the essences were the same for him as his "sister", some were different. He tested positive Immune, but didn't need the Lymphatic for instance. Many of the essences he needed resonated with his "mother/owner". He walked away after we finished his testing and drops and the next mare walked up in the "healing position" it seemed. We went through the whole thing again. Each one of the horses stood completely still and focused while we went through the process for them and then calmly walked away when their turn was up. The whole experience from start to finish (and it took awhile to go through 3 horses) was gentle, peaceful, non-confrontational, a partnership between humans and animals. An experience I won't forget- magical!

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